Do Small Businesses Need Servers?

Or can the cloud do it all instead?

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Security Isn’t The Only Reason To Invest In IT

Technology can make real, positive contributions to your business.

We write a lot about cyber security at TMB. It’s one of those unavoidable subjects that needs to be addressed, because it’s so important. But let's be honest: it’s not exciting. Most of the time, when it’s working, you’ll barely know it’s there, and it’s designed to protect your business, not to improve it. As much as security matters, though, there are many other reasons to invest in IT – in ways you’ll notice every day.

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HoloLens 2: Good For Business Or Not?

Is it time to augment your business reality?

In May 2018, we asked ‘Is the Microsoft HoloLens Worth It For SMEs?’ Now, as of yesterday, it’s time to ask whether the HoloLens 2 has worthwhile uses in a business setting or whether it’s merely a solution looking for a problem.

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TCO Certified Focuses On Extending Product Life Cycle

Updated criteria to aid in responsible purchasing choices.

Earlier this week, the world-leading sustainability certification for IT products, TCO Certified, launched the latest generation - the eigth, in fact - of its set of criteria.

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Microsoft’s Black Friday Deals (2018)

Surface devices discounted

It’s strange to think that Black Friday wasn’t a thing in the UK until relatively recently. The day was traditionally a one-day event, originating in the States, to mark the day after Thanksgiving and to act as the first day of the Christmas shopping season.

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Surface Go Adds 4G

Mobile connectivity gives Microsoft tablet a fresh look.

During the summer, while we were all sweltering amid what would eventually turn out to be the joint hottest on record, Microsoft launched a tablet that could genuinely be seen as an alternative to Apple’s iPad (and Google’s Chromebooks, to boot).

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It’s World Ecolabel Day!

Support sustainable IT products

I’m not going to lie - there are more exciting days to celebrate. Birthdays, Easter, the launch of a a new Avengers film, to name but three. But World Ecolabel Day, which is today, is important, nonetheless.

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How Using A Default Password Can Put Your Business At Risk

If it says 'changeme', please take the hint.

The importance of strong passwords should be obvious, yet when it comes to IT hardware an alarming number of people never bother to set a password at all. Instead, they stick with the default password and happily go about using their equipment – completely oblivious to the danger of their inaction.

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A Load Of Rubbish! IT Recycling And Disposal

Who's up for saving the planet?

Classified ads site Craigslist is known the world over as a place to advertise goods and services to sell to others. You’ll find anything on there if you look hard enough. New homeowners can fill their bare new abode, keen sports fans can purchase memorabilia and equipment, and job-hunters might even be able to find a new career.

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It Still Works: 6 Reasons Why IT Audits Are Important

What’s okay today may not be so tomorrow.

It Still Works… three words that anyone working in IT services will have heard at some point. It’s a perfectly valid objection to buying new technology: the existing solutions are functioning perfectly well, so why replace them? In other words, if it ain't broke... Also, keeping what you’ve got will save you money and make sure you get maximum value for money.

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