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What Are Patent Trolls, And Why Should Small Business Owners Care?

Legal shenanigans from legal shysters.

The idea of patents is simple: to protect the work of inventors (including inventions and designs created by companies), so other people can’t simply copy it with impunity. Unfortunately, the application of this simple idea is not quite so straightforward, and it isn’t helped by a growing number of ‘patent trolls’ – businesses set up with the sole intention of taking legal action over patent infringement.

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Why Deepfakes Are A Threat To Businesses

If criminals can create their own reality, how can they be stopped?

Deepfakes, realistic counterfeit videos created by artificial intelligence, are being posted online in ever greater numbers, says a new report. In the last year, there has been a 100% increase in deepfakes on the web, and while the vast majority (96%) of them are pornographic in nature, this technology also poses a major security risk for businesses – because as deepfakes improve, their effectiveness as a means to commit fraud also gets better.

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5 Cool Technologies That Never Took Off

Sometimes, an interesting idea just isn’t enough

The graveyard of history is littered with technology products that failed because they were awful. Like the Nintendo Virtual Boy, an early virtual reality console with terrible graphics and a tendency to give users headaches. Or the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, with its tendency to explode and catch fire.

But not all failed tech products are bad. In fact, they can actually be pretty cool but, for one reason or another, they just don’t make it. Here, we tip our hats to five technologies and products

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Cryptocurrency: Why It’s Still Not Worth It

If you like losing money, hop on board. Otherwise, you should hold off for now.

Depending on who you talk to, cryptocurrency is either the best modern invention since the smartphone or it’s nothing more than a hyped-up Ponzi scheme covered by a thin veil of mainstream acceptability. Previously, when TMB wrote about this subject, we predicted big players like Bitcoin might have the staying power to survive any kind of crash in the cryptocurrency market, but we recommended that SMEs should probably avoid getting involved – at least for now. But more than a year has passed since we wrote that, so what about now? Is cryptocurrency worth it?

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TMB's 2018 Highlights And Lowlights

We take a look at the stories that caught our eye last year.

The first week of 2019 is nearly over. The last of your new year’s hangover is finally fading, and the extra inch you’ve added to your waistline over the festive period now appears to be a permanent feature of your body. What better time to reflect on the past 12 months?

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Can Co-working Help Your Business?

Generally used by self employed, co-working spaces could be useful to businesses as well.

Co-working has seen a marked rise in the UK in recent years, contributing to a boom in flexible working that individuals - in particular freelancers and entrepreneurs - have taken advantage of. Spaces for co-working are becoming commonplace all across the UK as the pace of flexible working is making a mark on the economy, and flexible workspace operators are reaping the rewards of the development in working patterns.

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Dealing With The Digital Skills Gap

Research shows majority of employees don’t have necessary skills for their roles.

Organisations are facing a digital skills shortfall as employees are lacking in the skills needed for their jobs. Analysts at research firm Gartner have revealed a study that shows just a fifth of employees have the necessary skills for their current and future roles, with 70% of employees having not mastered the skills for their jobs today. Furthermore, 64% of managers don’t believe that their employees are able to keep up with future skill needs, while two-thirds of business leaders worry that if their organisation doesn’t become digitalised by 2020, it will no longer be competitive.

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West Midlands Confirmed As Government's 5G Testbed

Trials across three cities

West Midlands. Home of Spaghetti Junction, some half-decent football teams, Edgbaston cricket ground and, of course, the birthplace of Ozzy Osborne.

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How Cyber Security Professionals Are Being Tempted By Crime

IT security professionals are generally viewed as the good guys, right? You know the routine. If you have a problem, if no one else (in the office) can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… the IT security guy.

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Microsoft Hits New Heights

Happy days for Nadella and co.

July 19 2018 was quite the red letter day for Microsoft. For the first time in the company’s history, the corporation announced that its profits exceeded $100bn, a figure that points to an impressive turnaround since Satya Nadella was named as its third CEO in 2014.

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