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5 Cybersecurity Tips For Remote Working Teams

Remote working offers businesses many benefits, and it looks likely that some companies may continue to provide homeworking once the current restrictions have been eased and people begin to head back to the office.

However, the suddenness of lockdown seems to have caught some organisations off-guard, meaning employees were thrust into remote working without a comprehensive assessment of cybersecurity.

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How A Disaster Recovery Strategy Can Safeguard Your Business

As the Covid 19 crisis has proved, the impact of a disaster should not be underestimated. Natural disasters – including pandemics – move very quickly and are often extremely difficult to predict. The US Federal Emergency Management Agency estimates that, following a disaster, up to 60% of small businesses fail to reopen.

The same may be true in the UK. Few businesses can close for any length of time and be able to survive in the long-term.

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How TMB Is Keeping Services Running During The Coronavirus Crisis

These are extraordinary times, but we're working hard to keep things running as normal.

The ongoing coronavirus is quickly proving to be something of an acid test for the abilities of IT support companies. In recent days, TMB has been contacted by several business owners who are finding their current IT suppliers simply cannot meet the current demand for remote working. Thankfully, TMB is fully equipped and ready to help in this situation.

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TMB Nominated For South Coast Business Awards

southcoastnomsj-1It's like the Oscars but with less crying. 

Technology Means Business has been nominated in two categories for the South Coast Business Awards for 2019 – adding to what has already been a great year for us, in terms of recognition.  

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Leading By Example: TMB Nominated For Network Group Award

TMB’s dedication and adaptability recognised.

Technology Means Business has been added to the Network Group 2019 Awards shortlist.

The nomination, in the category ‘Leading by Example – Member of the Year’, is welcome recognition of the work TMB has done in recent months to overhaul its managed IT services and reshape its service delivery for its customers.

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TMB's 2018 Highlights And Lowlights

We take a look at the stories that caught our eye last year.

The first week of 2019 is nearly over. The last of your new year’s hangover is finally fading, and the extra inch you’ve added to your waistline over the festive period now appears to be a permanent feature of your body. What better time to reflect on the past 12 months?

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Disaster Recovery: What Is It, And Does Your Business Need It?

Backing up is critical, but so is recovery.

If the arrival of GDPR hasn’t driven the message home already, let us remind you: data matters. All businesses rely on data in numerous ways, and it has real value, including financial value. Yet many organisations don’t have a proper backup and disaster recovery (DR) strategy in place. In fact, a lot of business owners don’t even know what the difference is between the two.

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Brexit: Data Roaming, Tech Talent And Data Regulations

How a no-deal could impact on your IT

Brexit. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s happening and it’s coming round pretty quickly. There’s no escaping the fact that Brexit is going to impact on various areas of business, with recent warnings from Bank of England governor Mark Carney on how a no-deal Brexit could have serious implications for the economy.

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How We Stopped Cybercriminals' Emails In Their Tracks

It's simple and affordable for all businesses.

This week, we’ve had several reminders of just how important cyber security is. Like any business, our email inboxes receive tons of spam every day, the majority of which goes straight to our junk email folders, but over the past few days we’ve seen a substantial increase in a type of attack that is unlikely to be stopped by basic email filtering: display name attacks.

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Inconvenience Is A Small Price To Pay For Security

Safety comes first, but sometimes it can also slow you down.

Recently, we had a reminder of how important cyber security measures are – even when they’re inconvenient. A customer of ours received a phishing email, which tricked a staff member into divulging their email login details. Armed with this info, the criminals that sent the email logged into the victim’s email account, from where they stole the entire contact database and other valuable data.

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