What Is The Impact On My Business Of Not Having A Disaster Recovery Plan?


Are disaster recovery plans worth it? If you are a responsible business leader, the only way to answer that question is by knowing the facts. Here, we take a look at the theory behind disaster recovery planning and the evidence to show the impacts that organisations have experienced by not having one.

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What Are The Key Impacts Of A Disaster Recovery Plan?

Many informed business leaders have a general idea of what a disaster recovery plan involves. On a practical level, it means ensuring that everyone knows what to do in an emergency, whilst having the correct support in place to get systems up and running. It all sounds very 21st century. However, the key impacts of disaster recovery plans have their roots in the fabric of society. Here, we take a look below the surface. 

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Do You Know What To Include In Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Combining the words ‘disaster’ and ‘recovery’ can sometimes feel like it has a very dismal and ominous ring. However, the point of planning for business disaster recovery (BDR) is not so much about putting sandbags out to prevent a flood, but rather making architectural changes to the landscape to stop the flood from happening in the first place, and then divert it if it does happen. Here is what you need to do to achieve complete security.

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5 Benefits Of Implementing The Cloud In Your Disaster Recovery Plan

In an era where businesses are reliant on the digital space, investing in high-quality cyber security can mean the difference between swimming and sinking. The cloud has a reputation for acting as the ultimate life jacket, rapidly restoring essential systems and ensuring business continuity. However, there is much more to cloud-based disaster recovery plans than enhanced data security. Here are five benefits!

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What Are The Risks Of Ignoring A Disaster Recovery Plan?

Ignoring a disaster recovery plan can have serious consequences for business continuity. It is even more serious when a company does not have an initial plan in place. IT interruption is something that can be planned for, but following through with that preparedness is important. Here’s what you need to know!

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Why IoT Security Is Becoming An Essential Part Of Business

Online connectivity brings a whole load of problems with it.

It’s an increasingly important part of business and daily life, but the Internet of Things is set to become a massive cyber security headache for businesses if more isn’t done to protect it from hackers.

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Here’s Why You Should Choose TMB For Disaster Recovery

We live in a collaborative world, and one of the fundamental means of collaboration is information technology. Good IT partnerships can last for decades, so choosing the right one is vital. Here are a few reasons why Technology Means Business (TMB) is a good strategic choice.

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How To Create A Disaster Recovery Strategy For A Small Business

Businesses encounter different strategic challenges at every phase of their journey. When it comes to designing the architecture of a disaster recovery plan for a small business, there are some particularly important decisions to make. Here’s a quick guide to policies, procedures, and best practices.

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5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Disaster Recovery Can Save You Time And Money

Ever since the early days of computing, outsourcing IT has been a crucial way that companies reduce costs whilst enhancing their business processes. In an era where businesses are increasingly reliant on their IT capabilities, ensuring that these systems are protected is as important as having a good insurer or a reliable supply chain. Here are five reasons why outsourcing helps.

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4 Stages You Need To Know About For Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster recovery planning involves four clear steps that can ensure a company survives an IT nightmare. Whether the problem is broken hardware or a vicious malware attack, there are ways of mitigating the risk and surviving the worst. Like stacking sandbags in the face of a flood, disaster recovery planning is crucial in the turbulent ecosystem of digital businesses. Here’s how to get it right.

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