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Improving The Relationship With Your IT Supplier (And When To Look For IT Services Elsewhere)

Companies are reliant on their IT systems to perform to their full potential. For this reason, the quality of the relationship between the client and the IT supplier is key. An IT support service that doesn't run smoothly leads to client frustration. Worse still, a poor service can impact efficiency and reduce business productivity, even leading to loss of revenue. To build a satisfactory and productive working relationship with your IT supplier, follow this straightforward three-point plan.

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19 Great Windows Key Shortcuts (Plus A Couple Of Not-So-Great Ones)

It’s not just a key you accidentally press sometimes.

If you ever want evidence of how much Microsoft Windows has become part of everyday life, just look down at your PC keyboard. Unless you’re using a Mac, you’ll find Windows has its very own key. How many other operating systems can say that?

But the Windows key is also somewhat misunderstood. Some regard it as an annoyance, a key that, when accidentally pressed, opens the Start menu no matter what the user is already doing. And opening the Start menu is probably the entirety of what most people use the Windows key for.

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What's Taking Up All Your Space?

And how to claim back some storage on your computer, phone, tablet or Mac 

It doesn’t matter how much storage space you have your computer or phone – at some point it’s probably going to run out. You can buy memory cards and hard drives with hundreds of gigabytes of capacity, yet it will disappear before you know it. So what’s taking up all your space?

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How Using A Default Password Can Put Your Business At Risk

If it says 'changeme', please take the hint.

The importance of strong passwords should be obvious, yet when it comes to IT hardware an alarming number of people never bother to set a password at all. Instead, they stick with the default password and happily go about using their equipment – completely oblivious to the danger of their inaction.

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Peripheral Vision: The Importance Of External Devices

Is your business using the right computing equipment?

When considering IT budgets and workstation setups, it’s perhaps understandable that computer peripherals might not stir up much passionate debate. If a brand new laptop, desktop PC or smartphone are blockbuster purchases, peripherals are all too easily viewed as the bargain basement purchase from the local supermarket.

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10 Cyber Security Commandments

Reduce your chances of being hacked, with this simple advice

According to the government's Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2018, more than 40% of businesses in the UK have experienced a cyber breach, and more than 70% say cyber security is a high priority for them. Yet less than a third of them have any kind of formal cyber security policies in place. Clearly more needs to be done, and to give you a head start, we've put together 10 cyber security commandments that every business should follow. There are, of course, many more tips and pointers we could include, but hopefully this will at least help you to get started.

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Using A Tablet For Business: Which Platform Is Best?

Mobile devices are light and easy to use, but can they really be used for serious work?

Using a tablet for business can seem attractive for a number of reasons. Like laptops, they enable remote working and hot desking, allowing workers to stay in touch with the office when they’re out and about. They’re much more portable and lightweight than laptops, though, and often cheaper too. In many ways, they’re easier to use as well, especially as they run the same operating systems that most people already have on their smartphones.

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How To Effectively Manage Your Screen Time

Over the past few years, newspapers have regularly run stories on the impact of too much screen time for children. It’s an issue that parents all over the country are all too familiar with, coming up with policies on how to manage how long their little darlings should spend in front on the television, tablet or any one of a growing paraphernalia of electronic devices.

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Are Cloud Backups Safe?

Online storage is handy, but it's not without risks.

The ability to store copies of important data online is something that many individuals and businesses find invaluable. Millions of users sign up to services like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive, and there’s a huge market for enterprise-grade solutions like Veeam and Unitrends. It’s quick, convenient and cost effective. But are cloud backups safe?

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Many Business Have Poor Cyber Security, Says New Report

Are you doing enough to protect yourself?

Many businesses are failing when it comes to cyber security, including basic practices like updating software and using strong passwords. So says a new report by security firm Positive Technologies.

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