Managed IT Services Vs Traditional IT Support: What’s The Difference?

“Have you turned it off and on again?” Back in the 1990s when IT departments were still something of a mystery, phoning a tech sage for advice was a natural part of corporate life. Baffled staff spent hours grappling with frozen computers, and the problem was often nothing more dramatic than somebody having unplugged the Internet (Generation Z – Google ‘dial up Internet’ for a horrifying glimpse into the past!)

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5 Issues With Choosing An IT Service Provider And How To Avoid Them

Outsourcing managed IT services is increasingly important for successful businesses. However, there are a few headaches that companies face when trying to find the best partner. Here are a few of the main pitfalls, along with our advice about how to avoid them.

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Outsourcing Vs Internal IT Support: Which Is More Cost Effective?

Information technology connects businesses with their clients, provides the data required for strategic management, and – increasingly – handles marketing. Excellent IT service provision is high on everyone’s budget agenda. However, what’s the most cost effective solution? Read on.

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Brexit: Data Roaming, Tech Talent And Data Regulations

How a no-deal could impact on your IT

Brexit. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s happening and it’s coming round pretty quickly. There’s no escaping the fact that Brexit is going to impact on various areas of business, with recent warnings from Bank of England governor Mark Carney on how a no-deal Brexit could have serious implications for the economy.

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It Still Works: 6 Reasons Why IT Audits Are Important

What’s okay today may not be so tomorrow.

It Still Works… three words that anyone working in IT services will have heard at some point. It’s a perfectly valid objection to buying new technology: the existing solutions are functioning perfectly well, so why replace them? In other words, if it ain't broke... Also, keeping what you’ve got will save you money and make sure you get maximum value for money.

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Why Cutting IT Costs Without Care Is Asking For Trouble

Technology is more than a necessary evil.

Was British Airways cutting IT costs in the months before a major data breach that saw 380,000 payment cards comprised? According to a memo leaked on the Register, BA was planning to outsource its cyber security to IBM - a move that was possibly motivated by financial reasons.

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How Cyber Security Professionals Are Being Tempted By Crime

IT security professionals are generally viewed as the good guys, right? You know the routine. If you have a problem, if no one else (in the office) can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… the IT security guy.

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Trust In Technology Is Important, But Blind Faith Is Dangerous

Making the most of IT means understanding its limitations as much as its powers.

In an increasingly digital age, the role of technology in business is clear. It's revolutionised everything from communication and record keeping to security, service delivery and customer support. But no technology is perfect. Things can and do go wrong.

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How Does Shadow IT Affect Small Businesses?

Is it time to bring shadow IT into the light?

Shadow IT is something all big companies will have to deal with at some point. Some see it as a boon to productivity, while others see it as a hindrance and a security risk. But what is shadow IT? And does it affect small businesses too?

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What Is Managed Services, And Is It Right For SMEs?

How moving to a proactive support contract can benefit your business.

As great as technology is for businesses, it can, of course, go wrong from time to time. When that happens, it usually means calling your IT provider so it can come out to fix the problem, after which your contracted number of support hours is reduced or you receive a bill for the work. But there is another way, a way that reduces the inconvenience and cost to your business. It’s called managed services.

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