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Old Technology – A Huge Image Problem For Bespoke Businesses

Investing in your IT solutions has many benefits – not least the fact it makes you look good. So how does old tech reflect on you?

If the popularity and potential value of retro computers is anything to go by, old technology isn’t without its fans. But that appeal doesn’t usually carry into professional world. In a business environment, old technology doesn’t only slow you down and make you vulnerable; it also makes you look bad.

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Why Local IT Support Is Right For SMEs

Why deal with a faceless corporation when you can work with real people?

At Technology Means Business, we’re proud of the fact we deliver local IT support to small- and medium-sized companies all over the South East and London. Because we have offices located in Hampshire, Essex, Kent and London, we’re never too far away from our customers, and that means they’re not left waiting for us when they need assistance.

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