Is Your Business Data On The Dark Web?

Stolen data is sold all the time online. 

Imagine you’re a hacker and you’ve stolen a huge list of names and credit card numbers from one of your victims. You don’t want to commit financial fraud yourself, but you still want to make a profit. So you decide to sell the data. But you can’t exactly take a hard drive full of credit card details and account logins into your local pawn shop, so what do you do?

You sell it on the dark web.

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7 Cyber Security Myths Debunked - With Free Infographic

Believing in the wrong things could be putting your business in harm’s way.

In the era of fake news and fake fake news, it’s never been more important to tackle myths and misinformation. That includes in the field of cyber security, where bad advice can have real, detrimental consequences for businesses.

Here are just seven cyber security myths that we think need to be debunked. We've also put together a handy infographic summarising this article – just scroll to the bottom of this post to view and download it.

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Why Blaming And Shaming Are Bad For Cyber Security

Crime victims need to be encouraged to come forward

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Norsk Hydro Attack Highlights The Importance Of Internal Security

No aluminium for you!

 Norsk Hydro, one of the biggest producers of aluminium in the world, was hit by a major ransomware attack this week. Had it been limited to the United States where it began, we might not be writing about it now. But, of course, it wasn’t; instead, the malware spread to other parts of the company, which has operations in 40 different countries, eventually taking down the entire global company network. If internal security wasn’t already part of Norsk Hydro’s cyber security plans, we’d guess it will be in future.

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How To Protect Your Business From Scam Email

Scam email is costing businesses millions of pounds every year, and everyone is a potential target. But there are ways to shield yourself from it and keep your business safe.

Although most of us accept spam email as an inevitable part of modern life, the scams that are often perpetrated through them can be extremely costly to the victims. But it’s not just individuals who need to be on the lookout for scam email: businesses are also a target – and, as you might imagine, a potentially lucrative one for scammers. In fact, last year, among the 2.9 million UK businesses that found themselves in the crosshairs of cyber criminals (at a total cost of £29.1 billion), phishing emails were by far the most prevalent.

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