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Locked Out? How To Reset Your Office 365 Password

If you’ve ever forgotten the jumble of letters, numbers, and the maiden name of your best friend’s neighbour’s mother at nursery school, you’re not alone. Getting locked out of an important application is a daily headache for millions. Here’s a pain-free guide to getting back into your Office 365 account.

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Giving Data A Second Chance: Restoring Data On Pegasus Opera 3

There’s nothing worse than getting half-way through your Month/Year End, only to discover that you have forgotten to include your sales transfers. In today’s hectic world, it is a surprisingly easy mishap. As long as you have backed up your files, restoring data in Pegasus Opera 3 is easy. Here’s our quick guide to fuss-free data restoration.

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How To Keep Your Data Safe With Opera 3 Data Back-ups

Whether it is time for a payroll update, a cashbook transfer, or sales and purchase transfers, there are times when you need to feel confident that you have a good data backup. If you accidentally make an error in your processing, or you simply need to press rewind, it is important to know that your earlier data is safe.

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How To Recover A Deleted File – Without Calling IT!

Everybody has done it. One absent click, and without so much as a puff of smoke your important document has vanished. At the best of times, this is irritating. At worst, it is panic inducing. Either way, here is a TMB Top Tip on how to keep stress levels to a minimum and find that document.

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19 Great Windows Key Shortcuts (Plus A Couple Of Not-So-Great Ones)

It’s not just a key you accidentally press sometimes.

If you ever want evidence of how much Microsoft Windows has become part of everyday life, just look down at your PC keyboard. Unless you’re using a Mac, you’ll find Windows has its very own key. How many other operating systems can say that?

But the Windows key is also somewhat misunderstood. Some regard it as an annoyance, a key that, when accidentally pressed, opens the Start menu no matter what the user is already doing. And opening the Start menu is probably the entirety of what most people use the Windows key for.

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What's Taking Up All Your Space?

And how to claim back some storage on your computer, phone, tablet or Mac 

It doesn’t matter how much storage space you have your computer or phone – at some point it’s probably going to run out. You can buy memory cards and hard drives with hundreds of gigabytes of capacity, yet it will disappear before you know it. So what’s taking up all your space?

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