Is Someone Spying On Your Mobile Phone Calls?

Almost everything you do on your phone could be accessed by hackers.

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Big GDPR Fines For BA And Marriot: Will SMEs Be Next?

Data watchdog issues massive penalties for breaches.

Remember last year when GDPR was big news, and businesses were fretting about the potentially massive fines the ICO might be dishing out? Fun times. But the 25th May deadline came and went, and the world didn’t end. The ICO made it clear that fines would be the last resort, and everyone calmed down just enough to stop worrying about data protection all the time.

And then, this week, the Information Commissioner’s Office announced its intention to fine British Airways £183 million. A few days later, Marriot was said to be facing a fine of over £99 million.

So what’s going on? Is now the time for legitimate panic?

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Using Cloud Software? You Probably Still Need A Backup Solution

Storing your data online doesn’t mean it’s safe.

One month ago, an employee of MOSSS, a San Francisco startup, managed to accidentally delete the company’s entire G Suite account. A few weeks later, MOSSS was taking Google to court, with the intention of forcing it to restore all the lost data.

How valid MOSSS’s claim is remains to be seen, but it has lost years of vital business data and irreplaceable work files. Google, it says, failed to respond in a timely manner, before eventually saying the data was unrecoverable – hence the lawsuit.

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Is Microsoft Working On A Personal Data Project?

Internet reports surfaced earlier this month that have set a few tongues wagging.

The reports came on the back of a post from a Twitter user who initially wrote a message claiming to show a screenshot of a website for a project named ‘Bali’. The user wrote that “Microsoft Bali is a project that can delete all your connection and account information” and that the project was still in private beta.

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Data Protection Fee Fines Are Now A Reality

Here's what you need to know.

When GDPR came into effect, it brought with it the Data Protection Fee, which most organisations have to pay. Failure to cough up the cash, it said, would result in a monetary penalty of several thousand pounds. This week, Data Protection Fee fines became a reality.

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Disaster Recovery: What Is It, And Does Your Business Need It?

Backing up is critical, but so is recovery.

If the arrival of GDPR hasn’t driven the message home already, let us remind you: data matters. All businesses rely on data in numerous ways, and it has real value, including financial value. Yet many organisations don’t have a proper backup and disaster recovery (DR) strategy in place. In fact, a lot of business owners don’t even know what the difference is between the two.

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Yahoo And Facebook Handed Data Breach Fines

Costly breaches for global giants.

The financial cost of data breaches was laid bare this past week as both Yahoo and Facebook were hit with fines for failing to keep user data secure.

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How Your Business Can Benefit From ECSM

CyberSecMonth is in full swing, with plenty of great advice and content.

October 2018 is this year’s European Cyber Security Month (ECSM), and as always it’s spawned tons of security-themed content and events.

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Facebook In Fine Mess?

EU regulator “concerned” over data breach

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A Load Of Rubbish! IT Recycling And Disposal

Who's up for saving the planet?

Classified ads site Craigslist is known the world over as a place to advertise goods and services to sell to others. You’ll find anything on there if you look hard enough. New homeowners can fill their bare new abode, keen sports fans can purchase memorabilia and equipment, and job-hunters might even be able to find a new career.

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