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What Will AI And Automation Mean For Small Businesses?

Machines could offer a new beginning or the beginning of the end for businesses (and maybe the human race).

Artificial intelligence is big news. Every day, it seems, there are more stories and opinion pieces about the latest advances in and predictions for AI. We're on the cusp of something much greater,  and some predict big things for machine learning, AI and automation, while others say this technology will lead to the decline and eventual destruction of the human race - perhaps in some kind of Terminator-style apocalypse. Concern about killer AI is real enough for thousands of software developers and tech firms to sign up to an agreement to never create artificial intelligence for weapons.

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Microsoft’s AI Has Improved Its Products - And The World

As well as enhancing its own products, Microsoft’s commitment to artificial intelligence is making the world better too.

Just last year, Microsoft’s AI work made less than favourable headlines, when its Twitter bot, Tay, was subverted by a less-than-helpful public.

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