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The Malware So Dangerous Microsoft Just Patched Windows XP

Plus more security flaws in other stuff – of course…

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What Is Managed Network Monitoring?

Getting a clear picture of your IT can help your business.

It’s easy to take your network for granted. You connect new computers, switches, servers and other devices to it, and expect it to work. A lot of the time, that’s exactly what happens – but not always. Sometimes, it has a hissy fit and refuses to play ball, resulting in slow speeds, unreliable performance or even complete loss of connectivity. This is when a managed network service can be a godsend.

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Is Your Business Data On The Dark Web?

Stolen data is sold all the time online. 

Imagine you’re a hacker and you’ve stolen a huge list of names and credit card numbers from one of your victims. You don’t want to commit financial fraud yourself, but you still want to make a profit. So you decide to sell the data. But you can’t exactly take a hard drive full of credit card details and account logins into your local pawn shop, so what do you do?

You sell it on the dark web.

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7 Cyber Security Myths Debunked - With Free Infographic

Believing in the wrong things could be putting your business in harm’s way.

In the era of fake news and fake fake news, it’s never been more important to tackle myths and misinformation. That includes in the field of cyber security, where bad advice can have real, detrimental consequences for businesses.

Here are just seven cyber security myths that we think need to be debunked. We've also put together a handy infographic summarising this article – just scroll to the bottom of this post to view and download it.

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Why Blaming And Shaming Are Bad For Cyber Security

Crime victims need to be encouraged to come forward

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Why Does Software Need Patching So Much?

 We look at the reasons behind frequent software updates

Have you ever wondered why software needs patching so much? Almost every time you turn on your PC, it seems like Windows or one of the applications installed on it will need to be updated. At the same time, your mobile devices, like phones and tablets, may get regular operating system patches, and most of your apps will need updating frequently too.

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Is Biometric Security Good Enough For A Bank Card?

RBS is banking on its new fingerprint tech to lead the way.

Royal Bank of Scotland is piloting a bank card with a built-in fingerprint reader. The card, made by digital security firm Gemalto, will enable customers to make payments that exceed the £30 contactless limit, without them having to enter their PIN. But is such biometric security safe enough to be used for something so important?

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Resistance To 2FA Is About Education, Says Security Expert

Users still largely ignore one of the most effective security measures available to them.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it: two-factor authentication (2FA) works, and everyone should be using it. Yet the vast majority of people continue to use single-factor logins, despite the clear security advantages of 2FA. Why? What is to blame for the continued resistance to 2FA?

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Why Device Management Matters To All Businesses

Control who can and can't access valuable data.

Does your business operate some kind of device management policy? If not, you could be leaving yourself open to unnecessary risk from various threats, including malware breaches and rogue employees.

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