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The Issues That Come With Having Multiple Managed Service Providers
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The Issues That Come With Having Multiple Managed Service Providers

In times of economic uncertainty, it’s natural for businesses to seek to reduce their expenses by managing their IT in-house, but this can cost more in the long-term and even obstruct growth strategies. Managing your IT competently requires a level of expertise and know-how that many business owners will not possess and will consume vast amounts of time that could be more profitably spent in driving the company’s growth.

Outsourcing to an IT support partner can be a cost-efficient decision. A managed IT services provider (MSP) should be able to take care of every aspect of your company’s IT, from software upgrades to emergency maintenance and repairs. But if you’re paying for more than one MSP, what problems could this cause?Book A Call With Us

You’ll Overspend

If you’re paying for more than one managed services provider, it’s likely that you’re spending more money than is necessary. A key benefit of outsourcing your business’s IT needs is that it’s a more cost-effective solution than employing in-house professionals, but if you’re paying several different MSPs, you will almost certainly be overspending. Instead, employ one MSP who can manage all aspects of your IT infrastructure for a single competitive price.

You May Receive Conflicting Advice

Ideally, a single MSP will take an overview of your entire IT infrastructure and, if a problem occurs, they’ll be able to devise and implement a rapid and cost-effective solution that works for your business. If you have more than one managed services provider, there’s a strong possibility that each will produce conflicting advice, causing confusion, and potentially preventing your software and systems from working effectively. For example, vulnerabilities in your security blanket may be exposed, giving criminals an easy way to access your critical files and data, and increasing the likelihood of a cyberattack on your business.

There Won’t Be Any Consistency

Using more than one MSP will lead to certain tasks being carried out differently, or even in duplication, depending on which provider is responsible for them. In a complex technological ecosystem in which there are many interrelated components which need to work fluidly together, your business requires a single MSP who can take an overarching approach to managing your IT. The MSP should understand the knock-on effects of making alterations to your network and will plan accordingly to avoid confusion, disruption, and downtime. If multiple providers are working in competition with each other, there is little incentive for them to cooperate for the good of your business. 

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