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Everything You Need to Know About Network Management For Small Businesses
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Everything You Need to Know About Network Management For Small Businesses


Network management is the art and science of keeping a complex internal network safe, secure, and streamlined. SME network managers typically monitor and control day-to-day traffic, frontend and backend web presence, metric analysis, and guard against any intrusions and hacks. They are also responsible for testing, routine maintenance, system development, data protection, and disaster recovery.

How Does Network Management Work?

The network's original 'blueprint' is designed to keep the system running at optimum capacity. A good network management plan safeguards this blueprint, while also containing disaster planning measures against known security risks (e.g. hacks, internal theft, downtime, data loss).

From this, daily tasks, long-term targets, and routine network management actions are drawn up and divided amongst IT managers and technicians. Third party network management services can help support your internal resources and boost capacity.
A network management provider will:

  • Configure and fix routers and internet connectivity
  • Prioritise traffic and optimise bandwidth and downloads
  • Check 'down' units to get them back online
  • Track connected assets and create a network inventory
  • Monitor and improve general internet and intranet performance
  • Plan, recover, and copy HDD and media backups
  • Remotely install updates, upgrades, and operating system (OS) 'images'
  • Troubleshoot and solve technical faults
  • Plan and implement network expansions
  • Manage web hosting, remote services, and cloud storage
  • Help users with network connectivity and security issues
  • Defend network servers and machines against hacks, phishing, and other intrusions

What Are Network Management Services?

Network management services can be implemented and run by technicians working on-site, remotely, or from a third-party company (e.g. TMB). A series of specialised apps allow network managers to monitor networks and remotely implement changes to improve performance and security standards. These usually take the form of a combined dashboard with visual representations of network performance (i.e. pie charts, line graphs).

What Next?

Having active network management in place professionalises your business. As well as enhanced security and peace of mind, SMEs find managed networks easier to use, faster, and less prone to costly downtime and unexpected outages.  To find out more about our tailored network management services, and the ways in which TMB can help support your business, please get in touch today.

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