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The Dangers of NOT Having 24/7 Data Backups

The Dangers of NOT Having 24/7 Data BackupsData is one of your most important assets. Customer relationships, marketing strategies, business intelligence, and much more all depend on your core data, so virtually nobody with experience of computer use can be unaware of the importance of backups, or the potential severity of lost data. These losses can be especially devastating for smaller businesses with locally stored sales and customer data.

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Streamline Your Business With Pegasus Opera 3

Streamline Your Business With Pegasus Opera 3

Streamlining your operation is one of the most effective steps you can take to increase your efficiency and productivity, with the elimination of needless tasks and wasteful resources at the core of the strategy. However, identifying which tasks should be improved can be challenging, so if you’re devising a streamlining strategy for your business, consider the following five elements:

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Make Paying Taxes Interesting Again With Pegasus Opera 3’s Payroll Function!

Make Paying Taxes Interesting Again With Pegasus Opera 3’s Payroll Function

Payroll operations are notoriously complex, particularly when it comes to calculating tax, National Insurance and pension deductions from employees, and usually requires specialist knowledge of HMRC rules and regulations. As a business grows, taking on more employees and operating from multiple locations, payroll consumes more time as staff handle increasing quantities of information and reconcile multiple entries.

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5 Cybersecurity Tips For Remote Working Teams

Remote working offers businesses many benefits, and it looks likely that some companies may continue to provide homeworking once the current restrictions have been eased and people begin to head back to the office.

However, the suddenness of lockdown seems to have caught some organisations off-guard, meaning employees were thrust into remote working without a comprehensive assessment of cybersecurity.

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How A Disaster Recovery Strategy Can Safeguard Your Business

As the Covid 19 crisis has proved, the impact of a disaster should not be underestimated. Natural disasters – including pandemics – move very quickly and are often extremely difficult to predict. The US Federal Emergency Management Agency estimates that, following a disaster, up to 60% of small businesses fail to reopen.

The same may be true in the UK. Few businesses can close for any length of time and be able to survive in the long-term.

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Why Your IT Support Provider Should Be Looking To The Future

With the unpredictability of the modern age, there is only one certainty: that at some point in the future everything will change. Technology is constantly evolving, and keeping pace with these rapid changes can be challenging. For businesses, there is the constant risk of being left behind because of outdated or obsolete technology where newer, improved solutions have not been invested in.

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The Top 5 Benefits Of Having A Managed IT Support Desk

Managed IT support moves your IT support to a third-party, specialised company in exchange for a set or flexible monthly fee. Trained IT technicians can provide support to your employees via phone, email, or through special desktop remote control software (such as TeamViewer).

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Introducing The OPUS Add-On For Pegasus Opera 3: Features And Benefits

Opera 3 is Pegasus's all-in-one software solution for remote, centralised finance, payroll, logistics, paperwork, and supply chain management. It's fully compatible and integrates with all standard format (i.e. SQL) databases, server suites, and common operating systems, including Windows 10.

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Make Your Business More Resilient With A Business Continuity Plan

From Brexit and winter flooding to an unprecedented global pandemic, if 2020 has proven anything, it’s that everyone should always plan for the worst. Having a specific plan in advance for fire, flood, burglary, mass sickness, hacking, machine breakdowns, and government-imposed shutdowns can make your business more resilient to unexpected challenges, as well as improving day-to-day operations.

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How To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Video Meetings

We’re all video-conferencing experts now, right? Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, virtual meetings have exploded in popularity in 2020. Lockdowns have meant that remote workers have had to move their business meetings online, using popular platforms (such as Zoom and GoToMeeting) to host multi-screen video conferencing. However, running a successful online video meeting can be a daunting task if you’ve had little experience working this way before. Here’s our short guide to making your chats, formal and informal, a firm success.

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