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Sales-I - The Best Sales CRM Suite For Small Businesses
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Sales-I - The Best Sales CRM Suite For Small Businesses


Sales-I is one of the best easy-to-use, easy-to-read CRM (customer-relationship management) apps currently available. Sales-I has a highly versatile and adaptable framework that maintains its simplicity of use, processing data into readable analytics, charts, splash displays, and ledgers.

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How Does Sales-I Work?

Sales-I is a CRM analytics, workflow management and direct office management suite all in one. By using data feeds, financial and sales records, and integrated trackers, Sales-I assembles detailed snapshots of your sales performance. The platform tracks active KPI and ROI targets, helping your SME reach long-term goals.

Sales-I - Core Features

  • Content Management - create secure internal workspaces to discuss and create marketing plans, communicate with colleagues and third parties, and share media
  • Task Planning and Workflow Management - Control who's assigned to do what and when at a single click
  • Full Analytical Displays - view straightforward charts that immediately indicate sales growth, trends, and where to improve
  • Dashboard Control - all vital features and alerts in one concise overview
  • Data Import and Export - quickly collate and create readouts of incoming sales and events from multiple sources
  • Sales Activity and Performance Tracking - effectively micromanage and improve your sales team via monitoring and analysis
  • Opportunity Scoring - automatically build assessments of productive, profitable areas to expand into and actions to take
  • Customisable Workspaces - add metrics and graphics relevant to you and your SME
  • Sales Gamification - scoreboards, challenges, and cosmetic awards for sales staff!
  • Pipeline Tracking - monitor major deals and sales at every stage of their journey to completion

Discover More

Sales-I is an excellent solution if you're looking to expand, streamline, or restructure your SME. By optimising your teams, market management, and internal processes, you can deliver a better quality of service for your customers and a higher level of turnover for your stakeholders. To find out more about Sales-I, and the benefits of investing in the platform as a managed service through TMB, please get in touch today.

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