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4 Reasons Why A 24 Hour IT Service Desk Matters to Your Business
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  • 4 Reasons Why A 24 Hour IT Service Desk Matters to Your Business

4 Reasons Why A 24 Hour IT Service Desk Matters to Your Business

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Every business owner expects reliable support from their service providers. This is especially important where IT is concerned, since nowadays a large amount of business operations rely on cloud-based technology.

It’s clear that having IT support is a must, but the question is how comprehensive it should be, since there are different levels of support available. You may have heard about 24/7 IT service desks and may be wondering if this option is right for you or if it’s overkill for your needs.

First of all, it helps to understand what exactly is involved in 24-hour IT service desk support. Essentially, this service ensures you get out of hours assistance with all technical issues you may experience. With this service, you can contact support specialists or raise tickets anytime using the most convenient method: email, phone, or web-based chat.

Some of the problems that 24/7 support can help you fix include virus and malware attacks, hardware failures, email and business applications, data recovery, and server or connectivity issues. This alone gets your business covered, but the benefits don’t end there.
The Benefits Of Having A 24-Hour IT Service Desk

1) Increased Security

Cyber security is a major concern today, and is expected to become ever more important given the huge amount of sensitive data that circulates online between remote teams, customers, and suppliers. This is the one area where you’ll want to get immediate assistance if a problem comes up.

2) Disaster Recovery

If the worst happens, you want to make sure that your business recovers quickly, and data breaches or data losses are minimised or prevented altogether. There’s no guarantee that problems will happen between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., so having a dedicated support team ready to respond to problems out of hours is a huge plus.

3) Keeps The Business Open To International Clients

Having an online business presence comes with a great perk: your potential customer base is global. But at the same time, this comes with an added responsibility, which is making sure that your website is always available to customers across different time zones. In this scenario, it makes sense to get 24/7 support, since technical issues can appear anytime, and you don’t want to keep your customers waiting.

4) Better Reputation

If you have an IT problem that affects your customers, this could have a negative impact on your business reputation. Imagine customers can’t access your e-commerce site or you’re affected by malware and your website is taken down. Having round-the-clock support ensures you get a prompt solution irrespective of when the problem arises. In turn, this can help build trust in your company. 

What Next?

These are some of the many benefits involved in getting the support of a 24/7 IT service desk. If your team doesn’t have the capabilities to do this, why not consider outsourcing it to ensure you’re always covered? AT TMB, round-the-clock IT support is one of our core services, so please get in touch today to find out more, or for a free quote.

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