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Managed IT Services Vs Traditional IT Support: What’s The Difference?
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Managed IT Services Vs Traditional IT Support: What’s The Difference?

“Have you turned it off and on again?” Back in the 1990s when IT departments were still something of a mystery, phoning a tech sage for advice was a natural part of corporate life. Baffled staff spent hours grappling with frozen computers, and the problem was often nothing more dramatic than somebody having unplugged the Internet (Generation Z – Google ‘dial up Internet’ for a horrifying glimpse into the past!)

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Today, things are very different, and so is tech support. In an era where digital natives have a powerful presence in the workforce, IT services is more about integration and personalisation than providing quick fixes. The focus is now on optimising services so that companies get what they need from their technologies.

How Does This Work?

There are two approaches, which work in tandem. The first is ensuring that companies have the correct set-up. Different types of organisation require a different IT palette. For instance, some require very strong data analytics from potential customers, whilst others need to focus on developing their existing consumer base. However, the second – and arguably more important – element is constructing systems that do not fail. This is where architecture meets technology, and is a way of ensuring that problems are prepared for and prevented. We describe this as ‘proactive,’ rather than the old ‘reactive’ version.

What Kind Of Problems Are We Talking About?

These days, the biggest issues are cyber security. Data theft is big business, and is something that traditional IT providers did not need to worry about. Data theft used to involve politicians accidentally leaving CD-ROMs on a train, but today companies are under constant attack. Managed IT services keep a watchful eye on everything that is going on, stopping attacks in their tracks. Managed IT services employ the latest protective software and regularly shuttle their engineers off to courses in order to ensure that the most up-to-date standards and practices are in place.

A Personalised Service

Traditional IT was not known for its personalisation. IT service provision was more or less identical for each company, regardless of their needs. Today, managed IT solutions take a very different approach. Using cloud-based technology, businesses are offered a tailored package that responds to their needs. This form of optimisation is much more cost effective than traditional IT services, but it also unlocks greater efficiency and productivity. Companies can grow with their technology, using advanced data flows and connectivity to engage with customers on a deeper level.

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Download 'The Technology & Trust Guide' - Free PDF