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What To Look For From a Business Broadband Service
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What To Look For From a Business Broadband Service

When shopping around for a new business broadband package for your SME, you'll want to know that the service provides the speed and performance level you need. Here's what to look for:

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Excellent Bandwidth and Speeds

Before you start shopping, it's worth measuring (or estimating) how much data your business downloads or streams in a month and the type of day-to-day speed it needs to handle all your incoming and outgoing web traffic. A solid Mbps and GB figure for your streaming data will help you match packages to your requirements.

Future-Proof Connectivity

If you're still using ASDL connections, see if there's a way to upgrade to 4G+ mobile routing or high-speed fibre broadband. While a lower speed offer might meet your current needs, you'll still want the room to expand.

Positive Reviews

Promises of high-speed internet, 24-7 IT support, and seamless connectivity are notorious for being exaggerated. You can check out consumer reviews, the service provider’s general reputation, and the number of outages and drops a provider will typically experience with a quick search engine query. Pick a company that is well-rated and transparent about its security measures and any recent hacks or leaks. Bear in mind that disgruntled customers might be more likely to leave public feedback than satisfied ones.

Phone Network Integration

From 2024, the UK's phone network will be handled entirely by VoIP internet connectivity. If you are still using copper-wire ISDN, now's a great time to beat the deadline by combining your ISP, line rental costs, and PBX services into a joint package.

Moving your phone network to the ISP's digital PBX ahead of time is a superb way to ensure everything keeps working, while enhancing the level of control you have over your voice, email, and SMS traffic. It can also save you money by eliminating the need for bulky on-site physical phone exchanges and routers.

Quality Tech Support, Customer Service, and Network Management

Once you're ready to go, ensuring that decent ongoing tech support is in place for your employees is vital. Even with the best internet service providers, staff will still get stuck, experience technical faults, and require repairs.

Why not go for a combined managed IT provider that can offer you connectivity, IT management, and help desk support as part of a single, customised deal? TMB can offer all of this - and more, so please get in touch to find out more

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