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A Day In The Life Of An SME IT Support Engineer
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A Day In The Life Of An SME IT Support Engineer


IT outsourcing is no longer the domain of large corporations. According to recent statistics, third-party IT outsourcing is becoming increasingly common among SMEs in all sectors. Small businesses that outsource one or more of their IT processes can control costs better, are better prepared to cope with security issues, and have more free time to focus on growing their business.

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However, and despite the cost savings involved in IT outsourcing, some SME owners are still reluctant to work with an external partner. Outsourcing IT operations has a cost, which can be a deterrent in a cash-strapped economy. But perhaps understanding better the role of IT support professionals can help you better assess the costs vs the benefits. In this article, we’ll take you on a walk through a day in the life of an SME IT support engineer.

Extensive Knowledge

IT professionals can have different areas of specialisation, but their training is quite extensive and covers both software and hardware issues. This means that you can rely on your IT partner to assist you with a wide variety of issues throughout the day/week, instead of having to hire a different specialist for each task.

Support engineers often have university education plus on-the-job training and additional industry certifications. And it doesn’t end there, because this profession requires constant skill updates. So you can expect a support engineer to spend some time every week reading up on the latest tech developments, and dedicating time each month to new accreditations, or continuing professional development (CPD).

Strong Security

Being up-to-date on cyber security is a must for every business owner and for IT support engineers too. These professionals have a proactive approach to IT security, so part of their working day is spent monitoring threats on behalf of clients. Another important daily task involves reviewing reports and automated system checks. Their role is both preventative and remedial, and the goal is to eliminate vulnerabilities and prevent data breaches that could end up being very costly for customers in terms of money and reputation.

Excellent Customer Service

A good IT partner will offer round-the-clock support and customer service. Many IT experts work their usual shift and are also on call on weekend or out of office hours. This all translates into enhanced efficiency, productivity, and peace of mind for clients, knowing that a reliable expert is only a call away. Moreover, in a normal day IT support engineers work collaboratively with other experts, ensuring that any problems you may have are dealt with by the right professional.

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Outsourcing IT isn’t just a technical task. It can bring tangible benefits to your business and help boost your ROI by attracting more customers and retaining existing ones. At TMB, our days are spent taking care of your IT needs, so you can focus on what you do best. Please get in touch to find out more.

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