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Make Paying Taxes Interesting Again With Pegasus Opera 3’s Payroll Function!
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Make Paying Taxes Interesting Again With Pegasus Opera 3’s Payroll Function!

Make Paying Taxes Interesting Again With Pegasus Opera 3’s Payroll Function

Payroll operations are notoriously complex, particularly when it comes to calculating tax, National Insurance and pension deductions from employees, and usually requires specialist knowledge of HMRC rules and regulations. As a business grows, taking on more employees and operating from multiple locations, payroll consumes more time as staff handle increasing quantities of information and reconcile multiple entries.

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A time and cost-saving solution is to automate the entire process with accounting software such as Pegasus Opera 3 Payroll & HR.

Pegasus Opera 3 Payroll

Whether your business has five or 25,000 employees, Pegasus Opera 3 Payroll can fully automate your payroll, enabling your organisation to comply with all relevant tax and pension legislation. Offering HMRC PAYE recognition for full tax compliance, Opera 3 Payroll eliminates the stresses of manual processing, reducing the likelihood of errors.

Opera 3 Payroll can also manage pension enrolment. Opera 3 salary sacrifice and integration with pension providers (NOW and NEST) can support your business in adhering to compulsory pension regulations and ensure the appropriate deductions are made from your employees’ salaries.

Pegasus Opera 3 Payroll: The Key Features

Pegasus Opera 3 Payroll is a complete software solution for automated payroll, featuring a variety of features:

  • Multi-user potential, featuring company and group-level password controls and menu level access restrictions.
  • Integration with Pegasus Opera 3 Document Management and links with specific modules of Opera 3 (nominal ledger, costing and cashbook).
  • Facility To Email Payslips and P60’s.
  • Option to pay employees at different intervals within the same business (weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly and monthly).
  • Unlimited employees per company, with the facility to create individual profiles for records.
  • Quick access to previous payslips, with payment details and images retained for up to 999 pay periods.
  • Payment by BACS to reduce the costs and time of processing salary payments.
  • Incorporation of Enterprise Allowance and Apprenticeship Levy.
  • Online Filing Manager to submit RTI, FPS and EPS files.
  • Retrospective National Insurance code amendments, with automatic adjustment of calculations and processing.
  • P45 processing for employees with closed personnel files.
  • Manage multiple pension schemes.
  • Full backup and restore facilities to protect data security and retention.
  • ShPP and fully automated SSP, SMP, SPP (Birth), SPP (Adopt) and SAP processing and reporting, with complex legislation incorporated.
  • Holiday pay calculations.
  • Automated attachment orders processing and reporting.

Pegasus Opera 3 Payroll Through TMB

At TMB, we provide businesses with a variety of managed solutions to streamline their payroll, increasing productivity and facilitating more efficient working practices. For more information on Pegasus Opera 3 Payroll, please get in touch today.

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