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Streamline Your Business With Pegasus Opera 3
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Streamline Your Business With Pegasus Opera 3

Streamline Your Business With Pegasus Opera 3

Streamlining your operation is one of the most effective steps you can take to increase your efficiency and productivity, with the elimination of needless tasks and wasteful resources at the core of the strategy. However, identifying which tasks should be improved can be challenging, so if you’re devising a streamlining strategy for your business, consider the following five elements:

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1) Value Chain Analysis:

For businesses to be profitable, the value of the end product or service must not be less than the total resources expended creating it. Every step of the process, from product design to packaging, must contribute to the value chain in a meaningful and financially justifiable way. Value chain analysis enables businesses to assess how much value each task contributes.

2) Automating Repetitive Tasks:

Some repetitive tasks, such as product labelling and packaging, may be more economical if the process is automated. However, tasks that contribute high value to the value chain should be completed personally if automation would have a negative impact.

3) Eliminating Bottlenecks:

Workflows should be fluent and steady but, like the pinch points that often affect traffic flow on a main route into a city, bottlenecks can interrupt the process and stall productivity. Staff shortages, a lack of materials or resources, or technical issues with equipment can all cause bottlenecks.

4) Handoffs:

Handoffs – when information is passed between staff members – can cause problems if not completed on time, so automating the process can be beneficial.

5) Moments Of Truth:

The moment when a customer interacts with the final product or service and forms an impression of the brand is the most important part of the process. Streamlining these moments of truth can greatly enhance the customer’s experience.

Streamline Your Business With Pegasus Opera 3

Business efficiency software can transform your entire operation, improving efficiency, reducing supply chain waste and encouraging greater cohesion between each stage of the value chain. Pegasus Opera 3’s accounting and business solution, once fully integrated through your organisation, removes the need for separate payroll, finance, CRM or supply chain systems, ensuring collaboration between departments and greater all-round business visibility.

For any business that is implementing efficiency software, flexibility is essential. Pegasus Opera 3’s customisation options allow businesses to configure their setup to meet their needs, selecting the tools and functions required and adding to these as their business grows. In simple terms, you only buy the components that you need, when you need.

Improve Your Sales Prospects With Pegasus Opera 3 CRM

Whether you’re in the office or working from home, Opera 3 CRM enables you to streamline and manage the sales process, capturing prospective customers, converting leads, managing customer relationships and generating profit reports. By streamlining sales and marketing, Opera 3 CRM gives you total visibility so you can capture and convert every lead, boosting sales and maximising profits.

Pegasus Opera 3 real time notifications facilitate more responsive customer helpdesk solutions, recognising the importance of a streamlined yet proactive approach to managing customer relations.

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At TMB Group, we provide fully licensed and supported Pegasus Opera 3 software to streamline your business’s operations, offering a modular approach so that you only purchase the elements that you need. For more information, get in touch today.

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