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How Managed IT Services Can Help Businesses in the Construction Sector
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How Managed IT Services Can Help Businesses in the Construction Sector


Construction companies of all sizes operate slightly differently to other businesses, so they require a tailored approach to the management of their IT services. In part, this is due to specialist software that is required for the planning and delivery of complex construction projects, such as CAD, while procurement of materials and resources, and project planning, tend to operate by different rules. Therefore, working with a managed services provider (MSP) who has experience of supporting clients in the construction sector is essential if your IT is to work for your company, rather than against it.

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Securing Collaboration

Although traditional workflows exist in the construction sector – design, project planning, construction, and testing, for example – they are more dependent on collaboration than in other industries, as well as being subject to strict compliance regulations.

Collaboration between experts throughout the construction process, including architects, engineers, site supervisors, and workers, is crucial to productivity and achieving demanding deadlines. A managed services provider can help ensure that the business’ IT supports cooperative working, which is why expertise in industry-specific software, such as CAD, is essential.

Maximising Efficiency

Efficiency is key to successful construction but with a considerable volume of regulations, legal documents, contracts, bid proposals, invoices, and plans to manage, time can easily be wasted unless effective systems are in place.

An MSP can help to maximise the effectiveness of your IT systems by anticipating and preventing problems from occurring, and improving document management. With your essential files stored securely in the Cloud, you can enjoy remote access from the construction site on any device, at any time, so on-the-spot decisions can be made to help keep every project on track.

Utilising Collaborative Tools

The growth of advanced technologies in construction means that the importance of collaborative tools is growing, particularly the sharing and reviewing of megabyte-heavy documents that are too large to be sent by email. With the reliance on mobile devices on construction sites, access to core business apps is also necessary, as a key to achieving increased productivity.

Choosing an IT managed services provider who has expertise in construction software, as well as harnessing mobile technology and exploiting the tools to collaborate across sites, is vital to drive your projects forward.

Protecting Against Cybercrime

With IT a central pillar of most construction projects, keeping your systems fully operational is vital to your business’ ability to operate. With construction dependent on functioning IT, losing access to your software could cause an entire project to stall, affecting timescales, and potentially leading to penalties being imposed.

An MSP can ensure that your business is always ahead of cybercriminals, protecting your systems with the latest antivirus software, preventing malware from infiltrating your hardware, and securely backing up your data so that, in the worst-case scenario, you can quickly recover your files.

Contact TMB Group for your Construction IT Management

At TMB Group, our Cloud computing solutions, knowledge of the construction industry, and understanding of specialist software such as Pegasus CIS, means we can provide outstanding and trustworthy management of all your IT needs. To find out how our IT managed services could benefit your construction business, get in touch today.

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