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Why Managed IT Services Can Mean Different Things for Different Businesses
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Why Managed IT Services Can Mean Different Things for Different Businesses


Though information technology is prevalent in all businesses these days, there is no single universal approach to technology provision. Each business has a different domain of operation, different needs and a different customer base. This means that IT requirements must be tailored to the business in question.

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IT Requirements are Specific

While all business will require data backup and security, even here there are differences. No business can afford to lose important data, but the dynamism of their data can mean different things for the backup strategy. For some businesses, it may still be adequate to conduct a full back up each night. Others, who have large volumes of rapidly changing and valuable data, will need rolling back ups 24/7, as well as rapid data restoration services.

Similarly, all computer users need to be aware of security concerns. For some, it is enough to deploy basic office anti-virus protections. At the other end of the spectrum, companies who store sensitive customer data, especially bank or credit card details, will need a much tougher security approach. These concerns quickly escalate for a business with a significant public profile, as it becomes a more tempting target for hackers. In such cases, it is impossible to overstate the importance of a robust security strategy, such as that provided by dedicated IT support services.

Let's look at three different cases to see what might be appropriate:

1) A Retail or Ecommerce Start-Up

Any retail businesses set up recently will most likely have an online sales presence. This requires a robust and fast hosting platform with excellent connectivity. Nothing deters customers more effectively than a flaky service. In particular, the payment portal has to be secure and reliable. Managed IT services can identify the best providers for this kind of service and help in configuring the platform for the best performance.

For the reasons set out above, security will also be critical for sensitive customer payment data. Other IT concerns will include secure communications with suppliers and an effective stock inventory system.

2) An Accountant

As well as excellent security for sensitive data, the IT provision for an accountancy firm will typically require good cloud services for processing and storage of customer data. Accountancy software is now increasingly being offered as a cloud service, and therefore expert advice on such platforms would be important. Furthermore, as accountants frequently work on-site at client offices, provision and configuration of laptops will also be important for secure remote working.

3) A General Practitioner's Surgery / Practice

GP healthcare services have traditionally operated with paper records. While in many cases this is undergoing transition, some historic and long standing paper records remain, and therefore managed IT services can be invaluable in assisting with what can be a very complex data migration process. Of course, this data is also highly sensitive, so best practice data security measures need to be in place.

Because GP surgeries are not primarily technology-driven operations, IT services need to be reliable and seamless without interrupting or complicating important healthcare provision. In such cases, a good IT support partner can provide a helpdesk service to resolve any ongoing difficulties.

Next Steps

To discover how a tailored IT support programme can benefit your business, safeguarding you against risks, while boosting productivity, get in touch today to discuss your options.

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