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Without Data Back-ups, The Next Winter Storm Could Put You Out Of Business
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Without Data Back-ups, The Next Winter Storm Could Put You Out Of Business

Without Backups, Natural Disasters Could Put You Out of Business

You only need to turn on the television to see Mother Nature in her potent fury. From hurricanes in the Caribbean and typhoons in Asia to wildfires in Australia and earthquakes in Turkey, natural disasters inflict a horrendous toll on millions of people’s lives. In the UK, the threat of a catastrophic natural disaster is very low. But low risk isn’t the same as no risk, and a natural disaster doesn’t have to be Hollywood-scale to wreck your business:

Backup & Disaster Recovery Demo
  • 185,000 commercial properties are at risk of flooding.
  • There are approximately 20,000 fires in businesses each year.
  • Roughly one-third of commercial fires are started deliberately, rendering preventive measures redundant.
  • Severe winter storms are becoming increasingly common, with the potential to inflict serious damage on commercial property.

The Cost Of Being Unprepared

Failing to prepare for the unexpected is like playing with fire. Natural disasters will always happen, and if disaster does strike and your IT infrastructure is destroyed, can your business survive a data loss event?

The statistics suggest not. Of the businesses that suffer a natural disaster, 40% will be unable to reopen straight after. One quarter will collapse within a year. Alarmingly, 90% will have shut down within two years.

The cause? In many cases, companies that don’t implement data protection discover that a symbolic tidal wave sweeps away their critical data and the foundations of their business. Without access to their data, they cannot operate, and income plummets.

Complacency can be dangerous. In one survey of Office 365 users, 66% of participants relied on their Windows recycle bin to backup critical data, unaware that storage is time-limited – never mind the risks posed by storing information on office-based desktop PCs!

Backup Solutions That Protect Your Business From The Forces Of Nature

Every business, irrespective of its size, needs a coherent data backup strategy. At TMB Group, our backup and disaster recovery solutions are designed to protect your business from the chaos that ensues after a disaster, ensuring you can get up and running even if your premises are submerged in water or ravaged by fire.

From your customer database to your sensitive financial information, your critical data is automatically backed up 24/7 to our secure servers, so you can recover it as soon as disaster strikes – even if you’re forced to operate from a remote location. Companies have enough to worry about this year with Covid 19. Don’t let winter storms or freak events become another burden. For more information, please call today.

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Image Source: Unsplash