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What’s The Best IT Infrastructure Setup For The Leisure And Hospitality Industry?


The past year has been tough for most industry sectors, but leisure and hospitality businesses have been particularly affected by closures and restrictions. Now that the economy is opening up again, it’s a great time to think about how to improve customer satisfaction so your business retains its competitive edge.

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4 Reasons Why A 24 Hour IT Service Desk Matters to Your Business

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Every business owner expects reliable support from their service providers. This is especially important where IT is concerned, since nowadays a large amount of business operations rely on cloud-based technology.

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Sales-I - The Best Sales CRM Suite For Small Businesses


Sales-I is one of the best easy-to-use, easy-to-read CRM (customer-relationship management) apps currently available. Sales-I has a highly versatile and adaptable framework that maintains its simplicity of use, processing data into readable analytics, charts, splash displays, and ledgers.

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Everything You Need to Know About Network Management For Small Businesses


Network management is the art and science of keeping a complex internal network safe, secure, and streamlined. SME network managers typically monitor and control day-to-day traffic, frontend and backend web presence, metric analysis, and guard against any intrusions and hacks. They are also responsible for testing, routine maintenance, system development, data protection, and disaster recovery.

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How A Good IT Managed Service Company Can Improve Your Efficiency, Productivity, Security, And Customer Relationships

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So you’ve decided that your business can benefit from having the support of an IT managed service company. How do you choose the right support partner for your business, out of the many potential options?

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Why You Should Upgrade from Pegasus Opera II to Opera 3

Why You Should Upgrade from Pegasus Opera II to Opera 3

If you’ve been using Opera II for a while you may be looking to upgrade. By investing in Pegasus’ flagship solution Opera 3, you can protect the future of your business. There are loads of new features and enhanced features that will improve the way you work. Here are just a few of them.

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IT Bottlenecks: IT Service Management To Help You Deal With Them

Find that thing that's slowing you down and make it stop.

Everyone wants their IT solutions to work quickly, so they’re not left waiting for things to load or transfer. But it only takes one part of a computer or a network to slow you down, and that kind of limiting factor is referred to as a bottleneck.

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5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Disaster Recovery In London Is Time & Cost Effective

Ever since the early days of computing, outsourcing IT has been a crucial way that companies reduce costs whilst enhancing their business processes. In an era where businesses are increasingly reliant on their IT capabilities, ensuring that these systems are protected is as important as having a good insurer or a reliable supply chain. Here are five reasons why outsourcing helps.

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Essential Password Cyber Security Tips For Businesses

All businesses should exercise best practice when it comes to passwords, but what does that mean? This selection of password tips is the ideal place to start.

Everyone knows that passwords are important. Whether you’re logging into a smartphone, an email account or your online banking, often the only thing that stands between you and complete access is the passwords you use. But that same access will be granted to anyone else who can work out your passwords. If your account information falls into the hands of criminals, you could find yourself either inconvenienced or out of pocket. Yet, in spite of the dangers,  many of us still aren’t following best practice when it comes to our passwords. And in some cases, we think we are, but we’re basing our decisions on out-of-date advice.

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Be Careful Pirated Software Is Bad For Business, Causing Cyber Security Failures

Up and down the country, businesses use pirated software, but many are unaware of the risks. We look at what can go wrong if you decide to follow this path.

Long before the internet ever came along, people have made unauthorised copies of objects and media. But as old as this practice is, the digital age has made it easier and faster to duplicate things than ever before. Millions of films, TV shows and songs get illegally shared every day – and the popularity of legal alternatives has done little to reverse the tide. Bearing this in mind, it’s probably no surprise that pirated software is widely shared too.

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