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Enhanced Security And IT Standards Compliance From TMB Managed IT
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Enhanced Security And IT Standards Compliance From TMB Managed IT

Many smaller companies tend to end up with partial, limited-hours IT support by accident. Automated alerts and nightshift, on-call staff can prevent some security issues that come with running always up networks. However, faults, outages, and hacks can be impossible for one technician alone to stop. 24-7 availability for maintenance and fixes needs outside help to happen. By entrusting your IT support and security monitoring to a specialist third-party provider such as TMB, you ensure an excellent quality of service and protection when it comes to your networks, infrastructure, and traffic.

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How Does Managed IT Work? 

Rotating shifts of remotely available specialists provide support via phone, email, TeamViewer (desktop remote control), or visits to take care of any installations or faults with hardware and software. A fee based on your IT needs, level of support, and the types of support given is paid each month or year as a subscription service, saving on emergency payments and ongoing payroll. Decentralisation, 24-7-365 'up' time, and matched technicians mean that your systems are protected to an excellent standard regardless of whatever's currently happening.

Securing The Cloud With Managed IT

To make sure your cloud storage, files, systems, and apps are safe and secure, you'll need an experienced team. However, quality in-house cloud IT experts are increasingly hard to find. Salaries and consultancy fees are going up as cloud security professions charge more and more for their services.

Managed IT is a way you can beat the skills gap if you don't have a mountain of cash to spare and don't need constant cloud support. Paying for the services of a team that understands cloud service providers and their policies, security and compliance requirements, and the tools that help meet both can prove a far better alternative to paying top-tier, seldom-used professionals. Network security is better with a team effort behind it - more eyes on the screen mean a greater chance of catching intrusions and errors. 

Improving Your Managed IT Support With TMB

At TMB, we're specialists in providing managed IT support to all types of businesses throughout the South of England. We offer flexible payment plans, tech support and repair schedules, and new network setups - all set-up and run remotely. Contact us today for a quote.

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