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The Value of Working with an Outside IT Service Provider
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The Value of Working with an Outside IT Service Provider

The Value of Working with an Outside IT Service Provider

Outside IT support eliminates the time-consuming, costly hassle of having to manage your hardware installations, network safety, software maintenance, and staff support. TMB offer 24-7 tech support - wherever you are in the South of England. We remotely monitor and maintain your systems, hardware, and networks, and can respond rapidly to any problems you might have. We also handle upgrades, updates, and repairs, keeping your business at the cutting edge of technology. Why do we think investing in TMB's remote IT support adds value to your business and workplace? Here are our top three arguments.

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1) Savings and Scalability

Historically, one of the worst issues with tech support was that it was problematic to make a 'one-size-fits-all' solution work with different businesses. Inflexibility resulted in under and overprovision, costing companies money they could have used effectively elsewhere.

Tiered, modular IT support avoids this issue. By matching the client's needs, size, and level of provision to our services and options, businesses can stick to a much stricter IT budget - saving companies thousands per year. Scalability also removes the requirement for an on-site IT team to be present during work hours, meaning our customers pay for IT support only when they really need it.

2) Constant Availability

In-house models of IT provision revolve around traditional office hours. When your IT guy gets his bus at 17.35, support stops until he arrives at work the next morning. While this might solve day-to-day hardware issues, the growth of remote working, server access, global contact, and VPN links present problems.

'Always Up' systems require constant care and attention to work properly - you never know when a fault or outage might occur. Similarly, hackers don't work 9-5. If there's a data breach or security flaw discovered, you need to be able to stop or plug it as soon as possible.

Remote IT support allows you to do so. By maintaining rolling shifts of specialised IT professionals, third-party providers offer round-the-clock security and maintenance to you and your employees. It also offers the added advantages of weekend and holiday provision - your insurance policy against critical faults and off-peak attacks.

3) A Better Quality of Service and Standards of Security

IT generalists are just that. Competent in fixing common problems across a range of industries in the most popular software packages (e.g. Windows), they might be stumped when it comes to issues with specialist apps and OS builds. If you suffer from a more obscure problem or need bespoke designs, they may also lack the skills and toolkit needed to help.

That's where outside support comes in.

By matching a broad spectrum of IT experts to each problem, a third-party IT services provider can easily solve difficult, in-depth issues that might take more than a quick Google search to quash. Security is another core area that benefits from our variety of tech specialists. Constant monitoring and dedicated systems help us fend off hacking and malware injection, as well as making sure your vital data is backed up and secure to avoid unexpected losses.

About TMB Managed IT Support

TMB offers dedicated, 24-7-365 remote support to our digital clients throughout the South of England. If any of the above reads as if it could add value to your business, get in touch with us today. We'll put together a personalised plan and market-beating monthly quote for you - matched to your requirements. Visit our website to learn much more about what we could do for your business as an IT service provider.

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