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Webinars: Powering Up Your Pegasus Software
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Webinars: Powering Up Your Pegasus Software

We're hosting two live online demos of Opera 3 addons. Register today!

One of the great things about Pegasus Software solutions is how extensible they are. Sure, applications like Opera 3 are already excellent out of the box, but Pegasus understands that all businesses are different, and that it can't possibly cater for every single unique need they might have. That's why Opera 3 is built to be receptive to addons. To show just how effective this relationship can be, we're teaming up with software company Darklake Developments to host a pair of webinars that will include live demonstrations of powerful addons for Opera 3. Feel free to register for one or both of them. 

Here are the details:

Webinar 1: OPUS for Opera 3

Time and date: 10am, 24th March 2020

If you have to deal with any kind of stock management, then OPUS (Order Processing Utility Solutions) is perfect for you. It's a whole suite of tools for Opera 3 that add significant purchase order and sales order functionality. These tools can be bought separately or as a whole package.

Webinar 2: Plugins for Opera 3 Payroll

Time and date: 2pm, 25th March 2020

Anyone who has to deal with payroll should join us for this webinar. We'll be showing off a selection of addons that can save you plenty of time, and make dealing with payroll data easier than ever.

Who's Speaking?

After an introduction from TMB account manager Paul Woodhouse, Chris Parkinson, managing director of Darklake Developments, will proceed to demonstrate the addons. This is a great opportunity to see these tools in action and to ask questions about them. 

Registering For The Webinars

For more information and to register, head to www.tmb.co.uk/opera3-plugin-demos.