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5 Issues With Choosing An IT Service Provider And How To Avoid Them
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5 Issues With Choosing An IT Service Provider And How To Avoid Them

Outsourcing managed IT services is increasingly important for successful businesses. However, there are a few headaches that companies face when trying to find the best partner. Here are a few of the main pitfalls, along with our advice about how to avoid them.

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1) Accepting A One-Size-Fits-All Approach

No two businesses are the same. It therefore stands to reason that no two IT solutions should be the same. IT service providers that do not offer a personalised approach should always be avoided. Instead, look for one that will carry out a thorough audit, taking the time to understand your unique requirements. The best companies will ask lots of questions, so schedule time to consider the answers.

2) Not Doing Research

Research can be time consuming, boring, and bewildering. However, when it comes to forming a partnership with a new team member, it pays to do the groundwork. If possible, look for reviews that date back a few years so that you can get an impression of organisational performance over time. This is a good indicator of quality. To get the most out of reviews, match them to the visions and goals that a company has set out on its website. For example, if a company makes reliability one of its goals, you should expect to see this reflected in their feedback.

3) Too Expensive… Or Too Cheap

Doing a little market research can help determine whether the price is right. Anything that sounds too good to be true inevitably is, but the pendulum can also swing the other way. When deciphering the maths, remember that IT companies have to invest in continual training and development, new tech, and customer service. The price should accurately reflect this.

4) The Quality Of The Partnership

If there is no 24/7 customer service, walk away. Every minute of IT downtime costs money, and in a globalised world the clock does not stop simply because the office is closed. Businesses need to operate continually, and - whilst the rest of us are snoozing - it is IT that makes that happen. If something goes awry in the middle of the night, it is best to have a loyal partner who is awake.

5) The Correct Tech

If you are not an IT expert, it can be difficult to know which tech is the best. Everyone will tell you that their solution is the market leader. The ideal way to navigate through these choppy waters is to ask lots of questions, and to expect clear, informed answers in plain English. Companies with a lot of confidence will be happy to chat through any issues, and will be able to back up their claims with evidence. Companies with less experience may try to baffle you with jargon, which is best avoided.

Next Steps

Keeping on top of the rapid pace of IT evolution is a challenge for everyone. One of the best ways to learn what you need is by having an IT audit. TMB offers one for free. Click here to get yours!

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