What Is Managed Telephony, And How Could It Benefit Your Business?
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What Is Managed Telephony, And How Could It Benefit Your Business?

Save money, and simplify your phone system.  

Following the successful relaunch of our managed IT services, we are now looking to expand our range of services, offering even more business benefits and value to our customers. One of the new services we’ll be bringing in is managed telephony. But what is managed telephony, and why might you want it?

Although TMB’s managed telephony service package is still being designed, there are some details we can reveal about it. First and foremost, it will be a VoIP-based service. As you may know, VoIP stands for ‘voice over internet protocol’ – essentially meaning online phone calls. It’s the same technology that powers apps like Skype.

Where managed telephony differs from VoIP apps is that you get physical phones with their own phone numbers, and you can set up a switchboard, an overflow system or anything else you normally would with regular landline phone systems. To the people who use these VoIP phones, it’s business as usual; all the clever stuff happens in the background.

Because they’re VoIP phones, they offer high-quality calls at a fraction of the price of normal calls. The savings alone could easily cover the cost of the subscription fee to our managed telephony service, but you also won’t have to pay for line rental.

As a digital system, it’s also easy to integrate VoIP with other systems. For example, VoIP enables you to easily initiate and track calls, and you can access voicemail no matter where you are. (Note: the exact features of TMB’s upcoming managed telephony service may differ from this.)

VoIP has the advantage of being quickly scalable as well. You don’t need to add new lines; you just plug in another phone and off you go.

Is Managed Telephony Right For You?

In the majority of situations, VoIP-based managed telephony makes sense. It saves money, it’s easy to scale up, and it integrates well with other digital systems.

However, VoIP has one major disadvantage that we need to acknowledge: it relies on an internet connection. If your internet is slow, your call quality will suffer. If your internet goes down, you won’t be able to make any calls at all. And unlike traditional phones, VoIP phones require power from the mains; in the event of a power cut, you’ll be without your phone system.

Arguably, though, you might not be able to get much done without your internet anyway, and if you really need to make a call, you could always use your mobile phone.

Ultimately, the advantages of managed telephony far outweigh the potential drawbacks.

If you would like to receive more information about TMB’s managed telephony service, please call 0333 900 9051, and we can put you on the waiting list.



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