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3 Ways That Managed IT Support Had Changed During The Pandemic
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3 Ways That Managed IT Support Had Changed During The Pandemic

The global pandemic reshaped the working lives of millions in the UK and changed how we carried out even the most routine of daily tasks. The way that IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) worked with businesses changed also. Before Covid-19, MSPs tended to focus on delivering on-site hardware and software support.

With the surge in remote working that we saw at the time, businesses needed a fresh approach to IT support.

At TMB, we kept abreast of the rapidly changing landscape and ensured that our managed IT support accommodated the new working methods. New collaboration strategies had emerged to keep businesses competitive, productive, and secure – and at TMB, we were already ahead of the game in delivering outstanding IT support in the ‘new normal’.

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1. Flawless connectivity

One of the challenges of remote working was ensuring uninterrupted, reliable connectivity between users. At TMB, we already had experience working with customers in different locations, so we could adapt our service model to support businesses whose employees were geographically widespread. We also already had experience in implementing the latest platforms to enable staff to connect as a team to promote collaborative working, even when they were in different locations.

2. Seamless Cloud migration

Many businesses had to migrate their IT to the Cloud, providing instant accessibility for remote workers unable to reach local servers. Many businesses had declared a commitment to remote working once the pandemic had passed, tempted by the chance of reducing their office space and providing a better work-life balance for their staff. Consequently, MSPs had to ensure that they could assist customers in migrating local systems to the Cloud and provide ongoing support by managing software or application issues and troubleshooting accessibility problems

At TMB, we were already equipped and experienced in supporting businesses to migrate to the Cloud. From assessing Cloud requirements and managing the migration to backing up critical data and resolving software problems.

3. Online Security Solutions

Phishing and ransomware attacks weren’t furloughed in 2020, with a surge in cybercrime targeting businesses in the UK and overseas. With most employees working from home, criminals sought to exploit weaknesses in the security net. MSPs needed to stay one step ahead, especially as cyberattacks were becoming more complex and challenging to spot.

As a security-first business, we take your business’ cybersecurity seriously. Our managed monitoring service underpins the security of your IT assets and we can deploy an extensive range of protective measures to safeguard your interests, whether your staff are working in the office or at home.

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Successful businesses in the ‘new normal’ will exploit the benefits of new technologies and, at TMB, our highly trained and experienced specialists are ready to support your organisation. Call us today to find out more.

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