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6 Of The Best Pegasus Opera 3 Software Add-Ons You Should Know About
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6 Of The Best Pegasus Opera 3 Software Add-Ons You Should Know About

Out of the box, Pegasus Opera 3 offers an admirably broad range of functionality. However, for those looking to extend it further, Opera 3's add-on facility allows third-party developers to produce custom functionality for anything not covered by the core. Here we look at six of the best premium add-ons for SMEs.

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1) Shopfront Ecommerce
This add-on provides integration with an e-commerce shopfront for B2B applications such as manufacturing, wholesale and distribution. With direct access to live prices, stock levels and promotional data, customers need never be presented with outdated resources and there is no requirement for laborious manual transcription of data between applications. Shopfront Ecommerce is a great aid to operational efficiency.

2) ROADS - Rapid Order And Distribution System
The ROADS add-on functions to streamline heavily loaded operations involving telesales, order fulfilment and distribution. Designed to work in fast-paced, high-pressure environments, ROADS helps to manage call cycles, order histories and delivery logistics to enhance productivity and profitability.

3) MJM BridgeWMS Traceability
For products involving complex supply chains and construction processes, traceability is vital. The MJM BridgeWMS Traceability add-on tracks all parts involved in a product's manufacture, even where they span multiple suppliers, giving a single start point for item tracing within complicated procurement networks.

4) CK Recruit - Personnel Recruitment Module
This module comprises two add-ons dedicated to personnel recruitment and management, for both permanent and temporary positions. The front-end add-on manages personnel data as well as job specifications and helps to streamline the recruitment process. Matches are proposed according to availability, suitability and geographical location.
The back-office add-on manages timesheets and charge rates, simplifying cost and time calculations, and integrating with Opera 3's payroll and invoicing functionality.

5) CK SageLink Opera 3
For those migrating from Sage to Opera 3, this add-on is must-have to save time and guard against data-loss and inaccuracy in transition. It is compatible with migrations from all Sage versions up to and including v20. CK SageLink converts data without the need for manual re-entry. Data sources are separable into nominal, sales, purchase and stock data. Furthermore, the system is configurable so that only desired data needs to be converted. It is priced per site, regardless of the number of users data quantity – making it ideal for mid-to-large, single site businesses.

6) eCompleat Procurement Solution
This extensive suite of add-ons aids in the management of multiple budgets and spending plans, offering coherent integration of financing, budget administration and procurement. From invoice management to purchase orders, as well as expense, timesheets and work order software, eCompleat proactively streamlines all aspects of spend management in a transparent and auditable process. This suite of add-ons is a boon for those wishing to keep the growing complexities of a medium-sized business under control.

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These are only a few of the available add-ons and mods for Pegasus Opera 3, and, with many more in the available range, there is certain to be something to meet almost any business requirement. One of the great strengths of Pegasus Opera 3 is its range of mods and active developer community. Unlike some ‘amateur’ mods, the manufacturer-approved Opera 3 add-ons are frequently tested for stability and reliability, and are compatible with all versions of the software. To discuss the benefits of Pegasus Opera 3 and which add-ons you can use to extend its capabilities, please call or email today.

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