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What's New In Opera 3 (2.50.50) and Capital Gold Payroll (4.05.00)?
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What's New In Opera 3 (2.50.50) and Capital Gold Payroll (4.05.00)?

New features make data protection easier.

Pegasus has released a couple of important product updates, which add new functionality to both Opera 3 and Capital Gold Payroll.

Opera 3 2.50.50, which is set to be released at the end of March, will include an important new chargeable utility, designed to help users with the processing of Subject Access Requests. With the GDPR deadline approaching, this could prove invaluable. With this feature, users will be able to easily gather any personal data they hold about an individual in Opera 3, which can then produce a report, export to Excel or save to a .csv file.

This release will also allow for the deletion of customer and supplier records, under certain conditions. It will also contain enhancements in CRM, which will will help with recording the permission you have from customers to contact them - again a useful addition in light of GDPR.

The version of Capital Gold Payroll (4.05.00) is the 2018 Payroll Upgrade release. It covers the legislative changes required to complete the 2017/18 year-end and start the 2018/19 tax year, and it's available to download now.

The PDF below goes into more detail about Subject Access Requests and how they work.

For more information about Opera 3 or Capital Gold Payroll, contact us at info@tmb.co.uk. If you're an existing TMB customer, please contact your account manager.