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5 Ways A Managed IT Support Service Can Help Your Business During Lockdown
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  • 5 Ways A Managed IT Support Service Can Help Your Business During Lockdown

5 Ways A Managed IT Support Service Can Help Your Business During Lockdown

Do you still need a managed IT support service if your office is closed or most of your team are working remotely? Yes, definitely. For SMEs in particular, working with a third party support business – such as TMB – can provide even more value and advantages during lockdown. Let’s take a look at the main benefits.

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1. Enhanced Network Security 

Dispersed remote working teams, using dozens of different devices, Internet connections, and applications, are extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks. In fact, cybercriminals have been one of the greatest beneficiaries of the COVID-19 pandemic so far. Working with a managed IT service provider gives you a greater level of security than relying on individual antivirus builds. We can provide you with a 24-hour monitoring, antivirus and data protection service that enables you to transfer data between devices and collaborate with complete peace of mind.

2) Versatility

At the moment, it’s difficult to predict from one week to the next what the restrictions are going to be, so businesses have to show an unparalleled level of flexibility. While in-house IT provision is fixed and can be inflexible, a managed IT partner has the flexibility to work with you to respond to your needs. With adjustable contracts and pay-as-you-go access in some cases, you can adjust your level of service provision to meet the needs of your team where they are today.

3) Cost Effective 

In an uncertain environment, businesses need to keep a close check on costs, and unfortunately, in-house IT teams and support staff were among the first to be furloughed back in the spring. We would never suggest making staff redundant in order to replace them with outsourced IT, but if you’ve been forced to make cutbacks, working with a managed IT service is a cost-effective way of ensuring your IT infrastructure is protected – and it can save you money, too. Compared to in house recruitment, working with a third party has no set-up or recruitment costs. You don’t pay for ongoing training, pensions, or employer’s NI, and you don’t have to worry about staff retention. All this is taken care of for you by your managed IT partner.

At the same time, a fixed monthly contract lets you accurately predict your ROI from IT provision and keep costs firmly under control.  

4) Disaster Recovery 

With office servers gathering dust, many SME owners are justifiably concerned about the danger from fire, flood, or ‘act of god’ while the building is empty. An unforeseen disaster can result in lost data and ruined infrastructure – costing you time, money, and lost productivity at a time you can least afford it. Taking out a disaster recovery and business continuity plan, alongside managed backups, protects you against calamity and helps you maximise revenues during lockdown.

5) Sustainability 

Outsourcing some or all of your IT provision to a cloud-based service provider reduces your dependence on physical IT hardware. This not only lowers your capital outlay and management costs during lockdown but also cuts your energy expenditure – contributing to more sustainable, streamlined operations.

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At TMB, we offer a range of advanced managed IT support solutions to help businesses working from home during lockdown. To find out more, please give us a call today

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