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Keeping Your Business Secure During The Summer Shutdown
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Keeping Your Business Secure During The Summer Shutdown

When you’ve finally earned your escape to the beach, the last thing that should be on your mind is the threat that everything will fall apart in your absence. Taking a few simple precautions can make the difference between an uninterrupted break and an urgent flight home. Here’s a quick guide to keeping your business secure during the summer shutdown

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Know The Risks

If you have a disaster recovery plan in place, you should already know the particular threats that your organisation faces. Different industries have different data theft peak periods, but the summer shutdown is an increasingly active time of year for hackers. Some criminals target companies over the holiday season because they expect everyone’s guard to be down. Others strike during the summer to cause maximum chaos or to inflict maximum damage. Whatever the cause, knowing the risks can help you to plan effectively.

Have A Plan

Keeping risk assessments and planning up to date can make a significant difference. Reliable business continuity planning involves all employees knowing what their response will be in the event of an emergency, but if half the office is on holiday, these plans can quickly fall apart. Preparation is everything when it comes to summer shutdown security. If you already have a disaster recovery plan in place, double check that it covers seasonal fluctuations.

Leave Your System In Safe Hands

For complete peace of mind, managed IT solutions are an ideal option. A service with 24-hour support can ensure that everything remains safe, secure and operational. Managed IT services can range from basic support to intensive security monitoring. Methodical planning and risk assessments can also be provided. Each business has slightly different needs, so bringing in an expert team can make the process of preparing for the holidays both efficient and reliable.

Keep An Eye On Industry Trends

If you decide to take a DIY approach to IT safety, you need to keep your cyber skills honed. One of the best ways of second-guessing which problems might be looming includes following industry reports and forums. Cyber attacks tend to occur in distinct clusters, and different types of malware fall in and out of fashion. Knowing how your company is likely to be targeted can help you to plan and prepare.

Ask A Professional

Technology evolves at a rapid pace. Managed IT services dedicate time and resources to keeping ahead of developments, and this information is used to build solutions that keep your company safe. That knowledge is there for you to benefit from, so one of the best strategies for cyber security is to connect with a professional. To learn more about keeping your organisation safe over the summer, request a callback from TMB today.   

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