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Empower Employees With Online Timesheets And Payroll Self Service
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Empower Employees With Online Timesheets And Payroll Self Service

And make your business more efficient in the process.

Inefficiency is a killer for businesses. Any kind of resource waste translates directly to financial loss – and one of the most important resources, of course, is time. With Online Timesheets and Payroll Self Service from Pegasus Software, you can empower your team members, giving them greater independence, while also reducing lost time.

Both solutions are available (along with Mobile Sales) on Pegasus Software’s Web Xchange – an online platform that integrates with Opera 3. However, employees don’t have to be Opera 3 users themselves to access Web Xchange or any of the applications that run in it.

As you can probably guess from their names, Online Timesheets enables employees to access timesheets over the web, while Payroll Self Service gives them the ability to access their own pay-related data.

Let’s look at them in more detail.

Online Timesheets

If you’ve ever worked in a business that uses timesheets printed on paper, you’ll know the problems with them. Here are some of the main issues you’re likely to run into:

  • Lost timesheets: It’s easy for a printed timesheet to be lost or damaged. That will most likely result in inconvenience for employees and a delay in being paid. It might also involve some administrative hassle for your finance team and for the manager responsible for approving the timesheet.
  • Inefficient processes: Although the timesheets are printed on paper, they likely need to be entered into a digital system for record keeping. That creates unnecessary labour and wastes time.
  • Querying takes time: If a manager needs to reject a timesheet for whatever reason, it may take some time before that reason is communicated back to the employee.

With a system like Online Timesheets in Web Xchange, such problems are eliminated. Because it can be accessed by any device with a web browser, employees are able to create, edit and submit their timesheets from any PC, smartphone or tablet. Submitted timesheets will then be available for managers to view and either approve or reject. They can even add notes, enabling them to do things like give their reason for not approving a timesheet.

The result is greater transparency, faster processing and peace of mind, knowing you won’t have to deal with lost timesheets any more. Plus you’ll also save on printing and paper costs too.

Payroll Self Service

 Companies have to keep large amounts of data on behalf of their employees, including:

  • Pension information
  • Annual leave entitlement
  • Payslips
  • Personal data
  • P60s

When they want their data, they probably need to ask your HR or finance department. That can take time, which is frustrating for employees, and it creates work for the departments in question.

Quite simply, with Payroll Self Service on Pegasus Web Xchange, employees can access all this data whenever they want, wherever they might be. Naturally, though, you can set permissions to limit what they can and cannot see, so you can retain as much control over this data as you deem appropriate.

As with Online Timesheets, Payroll Self Service can save your business a ton of time, as well as printing and paper costs (good for the environment too, of course).

Next Steps

If you’re already using Opera 3, Web Xchange can make a wonderful addition to your business, thanks to its close integration with modules like Payroll & HR. For businesses that are unfamiliar with the Pegasus Software catalogue, this article gives you a glimpse into what is possible with these powerful solutions.

At Technology Means Business, we have our very own in-house team of Pegasus Software experts, and we’ve been deploying and supporting these tools for decades. To find out more about what Pegasus Software can do for you, and how TMB can help, give us a ring on 0333 900 9050 or email info@tmb.co.uk.