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How Your Business Can Benefit From ECSM
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How Your Business Can Benefit From ECSM

CyberSecMonth is in full swing, with plenty of great advice and content.

October 2018 is this year’s European Cyber Security Month (ECSM), and as always it’s spawned tons of security-themed content and events.

ECSM is an awareness campaign run by the EU every year, which started in 2012. As well as content from the organisers, security companies can register as partners and then run the own ECSM events, and create and share original content.

If you’re interested in getting involved or downloading the free videos, PDFs and so on, the best place to start is the official website.

On the activities page, you’ll find events and campaigns taking place all over Europe, including the United Kingdom.

Particularly useful is the resources section of the site. As well as being able to view cyber security awareness videos, you can download social media banners, infographics and more – all promoting the importance of cyber security. We recommend checking it all out, including the Network and Information Security Quiz at ENISA.

There are also some pretty good posters and cartoons you can share or print to help raise awareness within your business and beyond. With more and more organisations becoming targets for cyber crime, the ECSM's advice and messaging has never been more valuable.


ENISA cartoon. ECSM It's not as good as the Beano, but it's sound advice all the same.