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Keeping On Top Of Cybersecurity In An Age Of Scams
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Keeping On Top Of Cybersecurity In An Age Of Scams

In recent years, cybercrime has soared, growing in scale and complexity. The changes to the way that people and businesses operate, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, has opened new avenues for criminals with remote working and ecommerce exposing vulnerabilities that need innovative cybersecurity solutions.Request A Free Callback!

A proactive approach to cybersecurity is essential to counter these threats. At TMB, we’re committed to protecting our clients’ interests – customer data, web applications, and Cloud-based intellectual property – by combining expert knowledge with powerful technologies.

What Are The Leading Threats To Your Business? 

Cybercrime is complex, with criminals constantly designing new ways to target businesses and their customers. But what do these threats look like and what damage could they inflict?

  • Ransomware: It’s important not to underestimate the dangers posed by ransomware. In the first six months of 2019, attacks on UK organisations increased by nearly 200%, while the UK receives the most ransomware detections in Europe. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that gradually encrypts every file in your IT system before locking out users until a ransom is paid to the criminals.

  • Data theft: The theft of sensitive financial data from your business could expose your brand to countless crimes. Often, stolen data is sold on the Dark Web, the hidden Internet that requires special (but easily obtainable) software to access. Dark Web Monitoring constantly checks whether your business has been compromised so that you can take preventive action before the criminals sell on your information.

  • Phishing: With an increase in remote working, phishing (or vishing, in the world of social media) isn’t disappearing in a hurry. As ever, the basics must be honed to defeat phishing attacks. Security education, training, and awareness remain the best way to prevent scam emails from getting through your security net. 

Safeguarding Your Entire Business With Cloud Backups

Cloud backups are a must-have strategy in your business’ cybersecurity toolkit. If a virus or ransomware were to worm its way into your IT infrastructure, the consequences could be disastrous: data could be encrypted without your authority and rendered unreadable, instantly paralysing your operations. 

Instead of being forced to pay a ransom, a Cloud backup would enable you to restore your data quickly onto a ‘clean’ machine. Cloud backups are the most effective way of putting an airgap between your critical business data and cybercriminals, rendering your data untouchable.

Managed 24/7 Cloud Backup From TMB

At TMB, our backup and disaster recovery service is designed to get your business up and running if the security of your files is compromised. Time is critical, so swift data restoration enables you to get back to business before disruption takes hold and damages your profits and reputation.

Our Cloud backup service features:

  • 24/7 unobtrusive applications that take care of backing up your data for you.
  • Fast recovery if a ransomware attack encrypts locally stored files.
  • Real time convenient access to your backups via your customer dashboard.
  • A tailored subscription so you only pay for the capacity you use.

To find out more about how Cloud backups can protect your business interests in an age of soaring cybercrime, get in touch with our specialists.

The TMB Guide To Cyber Security

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