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It’s World Ecolabel Day!

It’s World Ecolabel Day!

Support sustainable IT products

I’m not going to lie - there are more exciting days to celebrate. Birthdays, Easter, the launch of a a new Avengers film, to name but three. But World Ecolabel Day, which is today, is important, nonetheless.

The initiative, of which Sweden-based TCO Development is a member, is designed to be a day to focus on sustainable products that have a lower impact on the environment and to point buyers and companies towards a trusted, verified ecolabelling system for products and services that are proven to be environmentally preferable and performance tested.

Co-ordinated by the Global Ecolabelling Network, a non-profit collection of organisations, World Ecolabel Day wants to increase buyer awareness of Type 1 ecolabels that are compliant with the ISO 14024 standard for environmental labelling. Using products with these ecolabels ensures that businesses and individuals are procuring the best products for individuals’ health and the health of the planet.

From an IT perspective, TCO Development has an important part to play in spreading the word as its certification program can be seen on IT equipment around the world. Sustainable development is increasingly playing a role in purchasing and procurement decisions, and having trustworthy ecolabels can help to make responsible choices easier.

The TCO Certified label, which covers displays, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, desktops, all-in-one PCs, projectors and headsets, is a third-party certification, and as such is independent of the IT industry and buyers. The certification considers a number of factors in what makes a product more sustainable, centred around its sustainability impact across its lifecycle, and verification of the certification is carried out by independent verification partners. Brands that are currently certified under its scheme include Dell, Lenovo, ViewSonic and Asus.

As for the criteria that products need to adhere to in order to achieve certification, this ranges from socially responsible manufacturing and reduced environmental impact during the manufacturing process, to energy-efficient products and power supplies, user ergonomics and even extended product life via warranties.

So keep an eye out for the TCO Certified label and, erm, happy World Ecolabel Day!