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Why Does Cyber Security Actually Matter?
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Why Does Cyber Security Actually Matter?

You'll often hear the phrase "cybersecurity" come up when people are discussing IT, and especially in the context of business. You've probably gathered that it's an important subject – but why, exactly? Why is maintaining good cybersecurity so crucial, and what are the key points that SMEs should know about? Here's a run-down of the key points.

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Digital Is Everywhere

When so much of people's everyday lives is now spent online, whether on a company intranet or the public Internet, nearly everything you do in the course of your business could be affected by a cybersecurity breach. Everything from payroll processing software to your company's confidential plans for next year's new products is potentially at risk of being compromised. Ignoring these dangers and doing nothing to address them is like leaving your front door open every time you go out.

Knock-on Effects Can Be Huge

The interconnected nature of today's business world means that what seems like a small problem can snowball if not quickly brought under control. If an attack on your company's financial systems means suppliers aren't paid on time, that can create major problems that go far beyond the original breach. Everyone needs to be on their guard. It can also have devastating effects on morale, as you and your team spend time and effort worrying about the attack when you want to be working to take your company forward.

You Risk Reputational Damage

A company that gets a poor reputation for cybersecurity may suffer in the marketplace as a result, especially in highly competitive sectors where customers can easily switch their business elsewhere. Patching a hole after a successful breach is shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. It's far better to avoid the problem in the first place – a managed IT service provider can respond quickly and effectively to actual or potential weak spots, saving you time and money.

The Effects Can Be Personal Too

You may think of cybercrime as something that only affects businesses themselves – but it can also hit you personally. Even the embarrassment of realising that a weak password allowed a hacker to gain entry can stop you from concentrating properly, but you also risk time and money. Whether it's sending out apologies and corrections after a botnet has used your network to send spam emails, or communicating with your bank after a successful phishing attack has removed funds from your bank account, these are things that maintaining effective cybersecurity can guard against.

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