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What Is A ‘Cybersecurity Mesh’ And Should My Managed Services Provider Offer It?
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What Is A ‘Cybersecurity Mesh’ And Should My Managed Services Provider Offer It?

The Internet, and the ways in which we interact with it, have changed considerably in recent years, with cybercriminals discovering more leverage to illegally access business data and IT systems. The days of basic ‘out of the box’ Internet security – a firewall and a virus checker – on PCs and laptops have long gone, with remote software dashboards, online storage, and cloud-based collaboration channels meaning there are many more backdoor openings for criminals to exploit. 

Just as cybercriminals constantly revise their methods of attack, security experts are reinventing their defences, with the so-called ‘cybersecurity mesh’ a popular solution that offers greater robustness and scope than ever before.

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What Is A Cybersecurity Mesh? 

A cybersecurity mesh is essentially a cloud-based, integrated online security and monitoring system that enables businesses to secure any digital asset in any location. How does this differ from traditional approaches to cybersecurity?

Perimeter Walls And Defensive Bubbles

Traditional cybersecurity can be visualised as a wall placed around the perimeter of a city, with all the Internet-ready assets contained inside – the term ‘firewall’ describes this perfectly. Anti-virus software and online filters are the guarded gateways that determine what can access the city and what should be excluded.  

This approach works best when all assets work off a shared network or Internet connection. As remote working has increased the movement of assets to other locations and Internet connections, and increased the range of devices that need protection and access, the perimeter cybersecurity model has ceased to be as effective. A cybersecurity mesh allows for the perimeter to be redefined in terms of ‘guarded bubbles’ around each device or employee, protecting different parts of the network from individual attacks, while retaining the integrity of the defensive system.

As each device or channel could be an access point to the wider network, a more individualised and decentralised cybersecurity solution ensures that the network as a whole is protected, as all vulnerabilities are closed.

Implementing A Bespoke Cybersecurity Network 

At TMB, we’re a security-first company, meaning we make cybersecurity a priority with whatever work we undertake. We install and manage an extensive range of business-class security solutions, ensuring your enterprise is safe from the threats posed by skilled hackers, while we also promote security awareness to reduce the chance of your employees inadvertently exposing your organisation to cybercriminals. To find out more please give us a call today.
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