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4 Ways To Cut The Cost Of Custom Software Development
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4 Ways To Cut The Cost Of Custom Software Development

One of the biggest costs faced by many businesses is the development of vital software to keep their operations running. Primarily, software development is expensive due to its complexity, and because programmers have to start from nothing.

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Also, application programming requires third-party expertise in most cases, so it is difficult to identify the best cost saving measures. Here are four proven ways to cut the costs of developing software, so you can reach an affordable solution without sacrificing quality:

1) Explain what you need clearly
If a software company misinterprets your requirements, it will lead to design and functionality faults that will increase the development costs significantly. You should have a clear grasp of what your business needs, so start by producing a document that details the precise nature of the project. A reputable software company will study this document and raise any issues they have with your ideas.

2) Keep up to speed 
As well as outlining your needs clearly from the outset, you should touch base with the programmers regularly - so you know precisely what is happening. Research indicates that more than half of projects cost almost three times the initial estimate. Arrange catch-up sessions on a daily/weekly basis with everyone concerned, to talk about progress and deliverables. After each session, record the actions taken and how long each task took to complete. By doing this, you will keep better track of your budget.

3) Use a quality assurance team
It is wise to begin testing your software in the early stages of its development. For large or complicated projects, a Quality Assurance team should be involved in your project from the get-go, to spot potential issues that the developers might have missed. This way, your software is more likely to be high quality, and you will avoid having to pay redesign costs halfway through your project. 

4) Don't over-embellish the design
While a software application with multiple bells and whistles might sound appealing, you should refrain from requesting this if you want to reduce the cost of development. Superfluous features result in unnecessary long term costs. Therefore, begin with standard features, and then - if they prove to be valuable and helpful - you can consider your options to expand them. As well as reducing the upfront expense, this will serve as a trial run to gauge how employees/customers react to the software.

Benefits Of Custom Software

Suffice to say, the upfront expenses with custom software tend to be bigger than those associated with enterprise software, however the long term ROI is usually superior. Unlike off-the-shelf software – where you have to pay subscription fees to a third party - custom software gives you total control over the platform. There are no hidden fees at all with this option, so you can make upgrades/amendments or add users without dealing with a separate software host. When you compare the cost of regular, small payments over a prolonged time period with an initial upfront payment, it is nearly always the latter option that works out cheaper.

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TMB Group can develop outstanding software to help your business achieve its goals. We work with you closely to build bespoke plugins, software interfaces and frameworks, unique applications and middleware focussed on the obstacles you face. Contact us today to find out more.

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