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How Your Business Can Benefit From ECSM

CyberSecMonth is in full swing, with plenty of great advice and content.

October 2018 is this year’s European Cyber Security Month (ECSM), and as always it’s spawned tons of security-themed content and events.

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Facebook In Fine Mess?

EU regulator “concerned” over data breach

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A Load Of Rubbish! IT Recycling And Disposal

Who's up for saving the planet?

Classified ads site Craigslist is known the world over as a place to advertise goods and services to sell to others. You’ll find anything on there if you look hard enough. New homeowners can fill their bare new abode, keen sports fans can purchase memorabilia and equipment, and job-hunters might even be able to find a new career.

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Insider Threat: Why Does It Happen, And How Can You Prevent It?

As Bupa gets a hefty fine for the actions of a rogue employee, we look at how the biggest security threat may be from within.

Not a week seems to pass without a business being targeted by hackers – often criminal gangs located in foreign countries. But almost as often, the threat is closer to home. In fact, in many cases, it could be sitting right next to you, in your own office, drinking the same coffee, attending the meetings. Known as insider threat, it’s a danger that around 74% of businesses in the UK face, and one that healthcare firm Bupa will now be painfully aware of.

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How We Stopped Cybercriminals' Emails In Their Tracks

It's simple and affordable for all businesses.

This week, we’ve had several reminders of just how important cyber security is. Like any business, our email inboxes receive tons of spam every day, the majority of which goes straight to our junk email folders, but over the past few days we’ve seen a substantial increase in a type of attack that is unlikely to be stopped by basic email filtering: display name attacks.

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Data Breach Complaints Rise Since GDPR

Added awareness leads to greater grumbles.

GDPR has raised awareness among people about their data rights, and it’s this awareness that has, in part, led to a rise in complaints to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

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Google Titan: What Is It, And Should You Use It?

Say bye bye to passwords?

For a company of Google’s size, it seems appropriate for it to have a product called Titan. Released just a few days ago, Google Titan is a hardware-based authentication device that enables users to log into computers and accounts simply by plugging in a USB key and pressing a button. But how does Google Titan work, is it safe, and what makes it different from existing products that do the same thing? (Note: this article is intended as a broad overview rather than a deep dive into the workings of security protocols.)

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Foreshadow Is Part Of A Long-Term Problem, Says Security Expert

SonicWall's CEO, Bill Conner, explains why processor vulnerabilities like Foreshadow aren't going away.

Foreshadow, the hardware-level processor flaw recently discovered in Intel chips isn’t the first of its kind – and won’t be the last. At the beginning of the year, there was widespread panic about Spectre and Meltdown, and although patches have been released to mitigate the threat, they negatively affect performance, and some older chips remain vulnerable.

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How Cyber Security Professionals Are Being Tempted By Crime

IT security professionals are generally viewed as the good guys, right? You know the routine. If you have a problem, if no one else (in the office) can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… the IT security guy.

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How Office 365 Helped Us To Achieve Our IASME Governance Certification

Microsoft's security solutions give businesses the protection they need.

As any responsible business should, TMB takes security seriously. Not only do we implement the very same technologies we sell to our customers, we also assess the effectiveness of our current systems on a regular basis, making improvements as necessary. Part of that means renewing our Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance certification every year.

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