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Surface Go Adds 4G

Mobile connectivity gives Microsoft tablet a fresh look.

During the summer, while we were all sweltering amid what would eventually turn out to be the joint hottest on record, Microsoft launched a tablet that could genuinely be seen as an alternative to Apple’s iPad (and Google’s Chromebooks, to boot).

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Exploring Digital Banking For SMEs

Flexible options for businesses as banking looks to future.

Earlier this month, two major UK banks launched initiatives that embrace fintech. With solutions such as Tide leading the digital charge, it stands to reason that long-established financial institutions should look to develop their own products aimed squarely at technology-savvy businesses.

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5G Mobile Broadband: What's Next?

We take a look at some of the current stories surrounding this new technology.

Are consumers willing to pay for 5G? Not according to research from PwC. A recent survey carried out in the US asked 1,000 people about their awareness of 5G, their expectations of the technology and, crucially, their willingness to pay for it. While the research showed that 5G has an opportunity to improve people’s current perceptions of the mobile web experience (only half of respondents stated that they were currently completely satisfied with their mobile internet service) and that the idea of 5G appeals to the majority of consumers, only a third stated that they were willing to pay more for 5G.

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IBM Buys Red Hat In Mega-Deal

$34bn paid for open-source business.

Recently, IBM made a pretty stunning announcement. Tech acquisitions are made all the time, so the fact that IBM was dipping into the penny jar to snap up another company isn’t in itself particularly surprising.

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2018 Budget: How Will It Affect SMEs And The Technology Sector?

We look at the Chancellor’s latest statement.

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Yahoo And Facebook Handed Data Breach Fines

Costly breaches for global giants.

The financial cost of data breaches was laid bare this past week as both Yahoo and Facebook were hit with fines for failing to keep user data secure.

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It’s World Ecolabel Day!

Support sustainable IT products

I’m not going to lie - there are more exciting days to celebrate. Birthdays, Easter, the launch of a a new Avengers film, to name but three. But World Ecolabel Day, which is today, is important, nonetheless.

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UK Facing More Than 10 Cyber Attacks A Week

National Cyber Security Centre handles over 1,100 attacks in two years, while cybersecurity skills gap grows.

If you were ever in any doubt about the fine work that the good people at the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) do, then data coming from the government agency’s second annual review should leave you under no illusions as to its importance

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Windows 10 Update Pulled

Automatic file deletion results in swift action.

Over the past few days, Microsoft has found itself in an unenviable position: having to apologise to Windows users.

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Collaborative Working With Microsoft Tools

How to promote teamwork with the right software.

There are all sorts of benefits to collaborative working. Helping those within a business to better recognise and work towards shared goals, collaborative working can bring more ideas and expertise to the table when resolving problems, as well as solving those problems quicker and more efficiently.

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