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What’s The Best IT Infrastructure Setup For The Leisure And Hospitality Industry?


The past year has been tough for most industry sectors, but leisure and hospitality businesses have been particularly affected by closures and restrictions. Now that the economy is opening up again, it’s a great time to think about how to improve customer satisfaction so your business retains its competitive edge.

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5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Disaster Recovery In London Is Time & Cost Effective

Ever since the early days of computing, outsourcing IT has been a crucial way that companies reduce costs whilst enhancing their business processes. In an era where businesses are increasingly reliant on their IT capabilities, ensuring that these systems are protected is as important as having a good insurer or a reliable supply chain. Here are five reasons why outsourcing helps.

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Why Does Cyber Security Actually Matter?

You'll often hear the phrase "cybersecurity" come up when people are discussing IT, and especially in the context of business. You've probably gathered that it's an important subject – but why, exactly? Why is maintaining good cybersecurity so crucial, and what are the key points that SMEs should know about? Here's a run-down of the key points.

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He's Dead, Jim (IT Support Companies Near Me To Run Away From)

With so many IT companies out there, finding the right one can feel like a minefield. Fortunately, you can spot some of the worst pretty fast. If a service provider is any of the following, then steer clear.

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6 Cybersecurity Tips Your Business Should Follow To Give It A Headstart

In this age of information, cyber breaches in businesses are as impactful, if not worse, than physical break-ins. According to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2018, over 40% of businesses in the UK have been compromised at one point in their lifetime. Organisations should, therefore, prioritise measures that shield them against such attacks.

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4 More Tips For A Secure Password

Unauthorised access to business information can be disastrous, with effects ranging from loss or corruption of sensitive data to the exposure of customer data to people with malicious intent. Hackers are always coming up with new techniques to breach individual and organisational security. However, most cyberattacks are opportunistic and unsophisticated, using basic techniques to exploit glaring vulnerabilities. A strong password is enough to stop many would-be cyberattacks and garden variety hackers in their tracks.

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How To Choose The Right Company For Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Businesses process huge quantities of digital data every day and the threat of data loss is a live one. 64% of data losses are caused by hard disk drive crashes or system failures. Other threats include malware attacks and viruses, sometimes introduced through human error.

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Improving The Relationship With Your IT Supplier (And When To Look For IT Services Elsewhere)

Companies are reliant on their IT systems to perform to their full potential. For this reason, the quality of the relationship between the client and the IT supplier is key. An IT support service that doesn't run smoothly leads to client frustration. Worse still, a poor service can impact efficiency and reduce business productivity, even leading to loss of revenue. To build a satisfactory and productive working relationship with your IT supplier, follow this straightforward three-point plan.

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3 Signs Of A Good IT Support Company

3 Signs Of A Good IT Support Company

When partnering with a team of IT experts, it helps to choose one that will really deliver. Making a mistake can be expensive and time-consuming, whereas getting it right can boost productivity and enhance efficiency. Thankfully, there are three clear signs to look out for! Here’s a quick guide.

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What Are The Key Impacts Of A Disaster Recovery Plan?

Many informed business leaders have a general idea of what a disaster recovery plan involves. On a practical level, it means ensuring that everyone knows what to do in an emergency, whilst having the correct support in place to get systems up and running. It all sounds very 21st century. However, the key impacts of disaster recovery plans have their roots in the fabric of society. Here, we take a look below the surface. 

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