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Making Sense Of Your Data: What Is Business Intelligence?


The modern business landscape is increasingly driven by data. Even enterprises whose primary offering is not information-based are finding themselves swimming in a mass of data. Customers provide data with registrations and information services, but, for any domain where transactions take place online, there is a wealth of additional behavioural information available that is frequently beneficial to business planning.

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How Bespoke Software Applications Can Help Save Costs, Boost Efficiency And Make You Money


Business owners know the importance of effective software applications for the efficient running of their operations. Off-the-shelf software is widely used for many basic office activities, but when it comes to more fine-grained business processes, generic software may not always be the best option in terms of functionality or cost. How do you determine which solution provides better long term value for your business – enterprise, off-the-shelf software, or a bespoke development?

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How Covid-19 Changed the Game for Cybercriminals


The Covid-19 pandemic has had far-reaching effects for society beyond the obvious health implications and the efforts to control the spread of the virus. One major effect that was reported early on was the surge in cybercrime and, with large numbers of businesses continuing to operate from home or remote locations, the potential for long-lasting damage is high.

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The Value of Working with an Outside IT Service Provider

The Value of Working with an Outside IT Service Provider

Outside IT support eliminates the time-consuming, costly hassle of having to manage your hardware installations, network safety, software maintenance, and staff support. TMB offer 24-7 tech support - wherever you are in the South of England. We remotely monitor and maintain your systems, hardware, and networks, and can respond rapidly to any problems you might have. We also handle upgrades, updates, and repairs, keeping your business at the cutting edge of technology. Why do we think investing in TMB's remote IT support adds value to your business and workplace? Here are our top three arguments.

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