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How SharePoint Can Help Your Business

It's included with most Office 365 plan, and you might not even know you have it

Here at TMB we’re big fans of Office 365. As well as the convenience of cloud-based versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, many O365 plans include offline versions of those same apps. However, there’s much more to Office 365 than these old favourites; in fact, most Office 365 plans comes bundled with a whole bunch of other great applications – some of which you might not be using or might not even have heard of. SharePoint is one of those apps.

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Security Isn’t The Only Reason To Invest In IT

Technology can make real, positive contributions to your business.

We write a lot about cyber security at TMB. It’s one of those unavoidable subjects that needs to be addressed, because it’s so important. But let's be honest: it’s not exciting. Most of the time, when it’s working, you’ll barely know it’s there, and it’s designed to protect your business, not to improve it. As much as security matters, though, there are many other reasons to invest in IT – in ways you’ll notice every day.

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Cyber Essentials Is Changing – But Will It Be Better?

Government responds to consultation results.

Five years on from its initial inception, the government-run security scheme Cyber Essentials is changing. By April 2020, a new model is expected to be in place, with more changes set to follow.

The biggest difference with the new version of the scheme is that there will only be one Accreditation Body. Currently, there are five Accreditation Bodies, each of which operates in a slightly different way, using its own network of Certification Bodies (such as TMB Group). Based on consultation with organisations and individuals in a wide range of industries, it became apparent that having multiple Accreditation Bodies was too complicated.

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Pegasus Opera 3 Vs Sage

Two popular software solutions go head to head.

Who’s the champion of accounting and business software for SMEs in the UK? In one corner, we have Sage, which, despite a financial wobble last year, has some strong contenders, like Sage 50 and Sage 200. But in the other corner we have Pegasus Opera 3, a veteran in this sector, with more than 30 years of experience behind it. For us, Opera 3 has to be the favourite. Why? Let’s find out as we pit Opera 3 vs Sage.

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How To Create A Disaster Recovery Strategy For A Small Business

Businesses encounter different strategic challenges at every phase of their journey. When it comes to designing the architecture of a disaster recovery plan for a small business, there are some particularly important decisions to make. Here’s a quick guide to policies, procedures, and best practices.

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4 Stages You Need To Know About For Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster recovery planning involves four clear steps that can ensure a company survives an IT nightmare. Whether the problem is broken hardware or a vicious malware attack, there are ways of mitigating the risk and surviving the worst. Like stacking sandbags in the face of a flood, disaster recovery planning is crucial in the turbulent ecosystem of digital businesses. Here’s how to get it right.

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4 Benefits Of Creating A Disaster Recovery Strategy

Disaster Recovery sometimes sounds a little ominous, but is actually the digital equivalent of a fire drill, backed up by a digital fire brigade. Just as companies do not want their offices to burn down in a real fire, nobody wants to implode due to a nasty hack, hardware failure, or human error. As the majority of today’s business is conducted online, the digital space is equally as important as the physical space. Here are four of the benefits that protecting that space can bring.

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3 Criteria To Consider When Selecting The Best Data Recovery Service For You

A partnership with a disaster recovery provider is an important one. As IT is embedded into the heart of today’s organisations, data recovery specialists have become important team members. Therefore, making the right choices really does make a difference. No two companies are the same and the right disaster service for one might not be the best for another. However, there are three key areas that everyone benefits from thinking about. Let’s take a look!

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The Beginners' Guide To Virtualisation

Could your business benefit from going virtual?

Although it’s been around since the 1960s, virtualisation is a technology that is still developing and improving in many exciting ways. Fuelled by faster, more accessible broadband connectivity, it offers massive potential for businesses and other organisations.

In this guide, we’ll explain what virtualisation is, how it works and what it can do for you.

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What's Taking Up All Your Space?

And how to claim back some storage on your computer, phone, tablet or Mac 

It doesn’t matter how much storage space you have your computer or phone – at some point it’s probably going to run out. You can buy memory cards and hard drives with hundreds of gigabytes of capacity, yet it will disappear before you know it. So what’s taking up all your space?

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Why Defences Of The $1k Apple Stand Don’t Stand Up

Apple is rightly getting flak for this pricy piece of metal 

This week, the technology community reeled in shock as Apple unveiled a monitor stand that costs $999.

Even for Apple, which has a long history of pushing its luck on pricing, this is clearly excessive. Not only were there audible boos when the stand was announced at the company’s World Wide Developer’s Conference in San Jose, it soon attracted criticism from the press. “There's no defending Apple's ridiculous $1,000 monitor stand,” said Wired. “A $999 monitor stand is everything wrong with Apple today,” claimed Engadget.

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TMB Nominated For South Coast Business Awards

southcoastnomsj-1It's like the Oscars but with less crying. 

Technology Means Business has been nominated in two categories for the South Coast Business Awards for 2019 – adding to what has already been a great year for us, in terms of recognition.  

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Why Your Computers Get Slower And More Unstable Over Time

And why hardware upgrades are inevitable.

Just like property leases and utilities, IT is an ongoing expense for any business. As well as subscription payments for services like managed helpdesk support, antivirus and Office 365, every few years most organisations have to replace hardware items – sometimes at great expense. Why? Because computers get slower, more unstable and eventually become so unbearable, upgrading is the only real solution.

If you’re picking up the cheque for a bunch of new PCs, you might well wonder why this happens at all. Is it something that can be avoided?

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