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TMB Wins Growth Award At Continuum Navigate Conference

Hard work recognised at industry event. 

In recognition for its hard work and accomplishments in 2018, TMB has won the Growth Partner of the Year award at Continuum Navigate 2019 - the second time it's been in the running for an award this year.

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Is Fast Startup Blocking Your Windows 10 Updates?

Sometimes, shutting down doesn't really mean shutting down.

As with any software, it's important to keep Windows 10 up to date and fully patched, whether you're a business user or a consumer. However, in order for updates to be applied properly, your computers need to be rebooted. Unfortunately, due to a feature of Windows 10, called fast startup, that might not be happening.

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Why The Asus SledgeHammer Attack Is A Problem For Everyone

It’s not just Asus customers who should be concerned

Security specialist Kaspersky has discovered malware in the update system of Asus, a major computer hardware company. Referred to as SledgeHammer, the attack used a file disguised as a genuine Asus update, but which actually installed a malicious backdoor on users’ computers. Read More »

Norsk Hydro Attack Highlights The Importance Of Internal Security

No aluminium for you!

Norsk Hydro, one of the biggest producers of aluminium in the world, was hit by a major ransomware attack this week. Had it been limited to the United States where it began, we might not be writing about it now. But, of course, it wasn’t; instead, the malware spread to other parts of the company, which has operations in 40 different countries, eventually taking down the entire global company network. If internal security wasn’t already part of Norsk Hydro’s cyber security plans, we’d guess it will be in future.

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Is Biometric Security Good Enough For A Bank Card?

RBS is banking on its new fingerprint tech to lead the way.

Royal Bank of Scotland is piloting a bank card with a built-in fingerprint reader. The card, made by digital security firm Gemalto, will enable customers to make payments that exceed the £30 contactless limit, without them having to enter their PIN. But is such biometric security safe enough to be used for something so important?

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Resistance To 2FA Is About Education, Says Security Expert

Users still largely ignore one of the most effective security measures available to them.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it: two-factor authentication (2FA) works, and everyone should be using it. Yet the vast majority of people continue to use single-factor logins, despite the clear security advantages of 2FA. Why? What is to blame for the continued resistance to 2FA?

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Leading By Example: TMB Nominated For Network Group Award

TMB’s dedication and adaptability recognised.

Technology Means Business has been added to the Network Group 2019 Awards shortlist.

The nomination, in the category ‘Leading by Example – Member of the Year’, is welcome recognition of the work TMB has done in recent months to overhaul its managed IT services and reshape its service delivery for its customers.

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Cryptocurrency: Why It’s Still Not Worth It

If you like losing money, hop on board. Otherwise, you should hold off for now.

Depending on who you talk to, cryptocurrency is either the best modern invention since the smartphone or it’s nothing more than a hyped-up Ponzi scheme covered by a thin veil of mainstream acceptability. Previously, when TMB wrote about this subject, we predicted big players like Bitcoin might have the staying power to survive any kind of crash in the cryptocurrency market, but we recommended that SMEs should probably avoid getting involved – at least for now. But more than a year has passed since we wrote that, so what about now? Is cryptocurrency worth it?

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