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Teams And Slack: Who Wins The Most From Atlassian Dropping Stride?

The market for enterprise communication tools has lost one major contender, but it could provide an invaluable chance for Microsoft.

Australian software developer Atlassian is abandoning both its business chat applications, leaving many of its customers wondering where they should turn next. With both HipChat and Stride set to be discontinued, there will soon be thousands of businesses looking for alternatives, and right now, there are two obvious products to choose from: Microsoft Teams and Slack.

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How Office 365 Helped Us To Achieve Our IASME Governance Certification

Microsoft's security solutions give businesses the protection they need.

As any responsible business should, TMB takes security seriously. Not only do we implement the very same technologies we sell to our customers, we also assess the effectiveness of our current systems on a regular basis, making improvements as necessary. Part of that means renewing our Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance certification every year.

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Microsoft Hits New Heights

Happy days for Nadella and co.

July 19 2018 was quite the red letter day for Microsoft. For the first time in the company’s history, the corporation announced that its profits exceeded $100bn, a figure that points to an impressive turnaround since Satya Nadella was named as its third CEO in 2014.

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Government Confirms Full Fibre Future

Would you like to go faster?

The UK government has laid out its plans for a national, long-term strategy for UK telecommunications, announcing its intentions to establish mandatory full fibre broadband for all new homes, together with a new priority to connect hard-to-reach rural areas.

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Why Windows 10 Is Right For Your Business

Although more and more businesses are upgrading to Windows 10, there are still many that are running Windows 7. As great as the older operating system has been, it's very much long in the tooth these days, and support will completely end for it in 2020. Already, Microsoft has stopped engaging in the official Windows 7 forum, so it's clear that it's keen to look to the future.

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What Will AI And Automation Mean For Small Businesses?

Machines could offer a new beginning or the beginning of the end for businesses (and maybe the human race).

Artificial intelligence is big news. Every day, it seems, there are more stories and opinion pieces about the latest advances in and predictions for AI. We're on the cusp of something much greater,  and some predict big things for machine learning, AI and automation, while others say this technology will lead to the decline and eventual destruction of the human race - perhaps in some kind of Terminator-style apocalypse. Concern about killer AI is real enough for thousands of software developers and tech firms to sign up to an agreement to never create artificial intelligence for weapons.

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New Bluetooth Vulnerability Illustrates The Importance Of Updates

Data can be stolen or injected, thanks to security problem.

Researchers from the Israel Institute of Technology have discovered a significant security flaw in the Bluetooth protocol – one that could leave devices and computes vulnerable to ‘man in the middle’ attacks, where data can be intercepted and stolen, or injected to deliver malware.

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Are Cloud Backups Safe?

Online storage is handy, but it's not without risks.

The ability to store copies of important data online is something that many individuals and businesses find invaluable. Millions of users sign up to services like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive, and there’s a huge market for enterprise-grade solutions like Veeam and Unitrends. It’s quick, convenient and cost effective. But are cloud backups safe?

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Defamation, Libel And Slander: Why SMEs Should Understand Them

In the digital age, everyone should know the basics.

How much do you know about defamation, libel and slander? If you’re not a journalist or a legal professional, then the answer might sit somewhere between ‘not very much’ and ‘nothing at all’. Does that really matter, though?

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Major Microsoft Products Are Reaching End Of Life

Why does that actually matter?

Is your business still using Windows 7 computers? If so, you should really think about upgrading, because 18 months from now, it’s going to reach end of life status – and it’s only one of a few Microsoft products that will no longer be supported.

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Microsoft Teams Now Has A Free Version

What's been left out, and is it worth giving this chat application a try?

Microsoft Teams, the company’s answer to popular corporate chat application Slack, is now available for the low, low price of nothing at all.

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Is The Microsoft Surface Go Good For Business?

It's not just the price that's been cut, but there's still plenty to get excited about.

So, the rumours were true. Microsoft has indeed launched a budget version of its Surface tablet/laptop hybrid, and it’s being pitched by some as the company’s potential ‘iPad killer’. Certainly, the price is the standout factor in the newly announced Surface Go, a 10-inch  Windows 10 tablet that starts at a lip-smacking £379.99 in the UK and is available to pre-order now, with delivery in August. Given that the Surface Pro starts at £749, the Surface Go is clearly targeted at a much broader audience than simply power users - in particular students and teachers.

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TMB At The B2B Expo Portsmouth

Businesses and other organisations from all over Hampshire and the south coast gathered this week, for the Portsmouth B2B Expo 2018, at the Pyramids Centre. TMB was among them, explaining how our services help local business use IT to their advantage.

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Many Business Have Poor Cyber Security, Says New Report

Are you doing enough to protect yourself?

Many businesses are failing when it comes to cyber security, including basic practices like updating software and using strong passwords. So says a new report by security firm Positive Technologies.

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Blogging For Business: How To Do It Right

A well-planned blog can be good for your business and your customers.

Blogging is just one of many marketing tactics available to SMEs looking to promote their business. Easy to get started and inexpensive, a business blog can prove a powerful tool within any online marketing strategy, provided it’s done correctly.

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Could SD Cards Be The Future Of Storage?

Can big things come in small packages?

In light of GDPR, businesses are acutely aware of the importance of data protection, with discussion surrounding how businesses securely protect information now commonplace. Businesses should also give regular thought to the storage methods they employ to house that data, both physically and in that mystical, digital realm known as the cloud.

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Why Cyber Security Training Needs To Be Ongoing And Consistent

Uninformed people are a risk to your business. Are you prepared to pay the price for their mistakes?

If businesses are to stand any chance of fighting cyber crime, they have to equip their people with the skills to spot when something isn’t right. That’s why cyber security training shouldn’t be seen as a luxury, but rather a defensive strategy that’s as vital as firewalls and anti-virus applications.

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Does Your Business Delete Data Well Enough?

Recovered files can be a goldmine for criminals and competitors.

How do you completely delete data from hard disks and solid-state drives? Do you simply hit Delete and then empty your computer’s recycle bin? Or do you take things a step further and format your drive? Either way, the information you’re trying to get rid of is likely still retrievable. In fact, it’s almost impossible to ever delete anything entirely, and for businesses and other organisations, that can easily spell trouble.

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